Fanuc 31i G Codes Machining Center – Fanuc 30i 31i 32i

Fanuc 31i G codes list for cnc machinists programmers who work on cnc machining centers with Fanuc 30i 31i 32i cnc controls.

Fanuc 31i cnc control

Fanuc CNC Controls

Following list of g codes applies to following cnc controls as well.

  • Fanuc Series 30i/300i/300is-MODEL A
  • Fanuc Series 31i/310i/310is-MODEL A5
  • Fanuc Series 31i/310i/310is-MODEL A
  • Fanuc Series 32i/320i/320is-MODEL A

Fanuc 31i G Codes

G CodeDescription
G00Positioning (rapid traverse)
G01Linear interpolation (cutting feed)
G02Circular interpolation CW or helical interpolation CW
G03Circular interpolation CCW or helical interpolation CCW
G02.2, G03.2Involute interpolation CW/CCW
G02.3, G03.3Exponential interpolation CW/CCW
G02.4, G03.4Three-dimensional coordinate conversion CW/CCW
G05AI contour control (high-precision contour control compatible command)
G05.1AI contour control / Nano smoothing / Smooth interpolation
G05.4HRV3,4 on/off
G06.2NURBS interpolation
G07Hypothetical axis interpolation
G07.1 (G107)Cylindrical interpolation
G08AI contour control (advanced preview control compatible command)
G09Exact stop
G10Programmable data input
G10.6Tool retract and recover
G10.9Programmable switching of diameter/radius specification
G11Programmable data input mode cancel
G12.1Polar coordinate interpolation mode
G13.1Polar coordinate interpolation cancel mode
G15Polar coordinates command cancel
G16Polar coordinates command
G17XY plane selection
G18ZX plane selection
G19YZ plane selection
G20 (G70)Input in inch
G21 (G71)Input in mm
G22Stored stroke check function on
G23Stored stroke check function off
G25Spindle speed fluctuation detection off
G26Spindle speed fluctuation detection on
G27Reference position return check
G28Automatic return to reference position
G29Movement from reference position
G302nd, 3rd and 4th reference position return
G30.1Floating reference position return
G31Skip function
G31.8EGB-axis skip
G34Variable lead threading
G35Circular threading CW
G36Circular threading CCW
G37Automatic tool length measurement
G38Cutter or tool nose radius compensation : preserve vector
G39Cutter or tool nose radius compensation : corner circular interpolation
G40Cutter or tool nose radius compensation : cancel
Three-dimensional cutter compensation : cancel
G41Cutter or tool nose radius compensation : left
Three-dimensional cutter compensation : left
G41.2Cutter compensation for 5-axis machining : left (type 1)
G41.3Cutter compensation for 5-axis machining : (leading edge offset)
G41.4Cutter compensation for 5-axis machining : left (type 1) (FS16i-compatible command)
G41.5Cutter compensation for 5-axis machining : left (type 1) (FS16i-compatible command)
G41.6Cutter compensation for 5-axis machining : left (type 2)
G42Cutter or tool nose radius compensation : right
Three-dimensional cutter compensation : right
G42.2Cutter compensation for 5-axis machining : right (type 1)
G42.4Cutter compensation for 5-axis machining : right (type 1) (FS16i-compatible command)
G42.5Cutter compensation for 5-axis machining : right (type 1) (FS16i-compatible command)
G42.6Cutter compensation for 5-axis machining : right (type 2)
G40.1Normal direction control cancel mode
G41.1Normal direction control on : right
G42.1Normal direction control on : left
G43Tool length compensation +
G44Tool length compensation –
G43.1Tool length compensation in tool axis direction
G43.4Tool center point control (type 1)
G43.5Tool center point control (type 2)
G45Tool offset increase
G46Tool offset decrease
G47Tool offset double increase
G48Tool offset double decrease
G49 (G49.1)Tool length compensation cancel
G50Scaling cancel
G50.1Programmable mirror image cancel
G51.1Programmable mirror image
G50.2Polygon turning cancel
G51.2Polygon turning
G52Local coordinate system setting
G53Machine coordinate system setting
G53.1Tool axis direction control
G54 (G54.1)Workpiece coordinate system 1 selection
G55Workpiece coordinate system 2 selection
G56Workpiece coordinate system 3 selection
G57Workpiece coordinate system 4 selection
G58Workpiece coordinate system 5 selection
G59Workpiece coordinate system 6 selection
G60Single direction positioning
G61Exact stop mode
G62Automatic corner override
G63Tapping mode
G64Cutting mode
G65Macro call
G66Macro modal call A
G66.1Macro modal call B
G67Macro modal call A/B cancel
G68Coordinate system rotation start or 3-dimensional coordinate conversion mode on
G69Coordinate system rotation cancel or 3-dimensional coordinate conversion mode off
G68.2Feature coordinate system selection
G72.1Figure copy (rotation copy)
G72.2Figure copy (linear copy)
G73Peck drilling cycle
G74Left-handed tapping cycle
G76Fine boring cycle
G80Canned cycle cancel
G80.5Electronic gear box 2 pair: synchronization cancellation
G80.8Electronic gear box: synchronization cancellation
G81Drilling cycle or spot boring cycle
G81.5Electronic gear box 2 pair: synchronization start
G81.8Electronic gear box: synchronization start
G82Drilling cycle or counter boring cycle
G83Peck drilling cycle
G84Tapping cycle
G84.2Rigid tapping cycle (FS15 format)
G84.3Left-handed rigid tapping cycle (FS15 format)
G85Boring cycle
G86Boring cycle
G87Back boring cycle
G88Boring cycle
G89Boring cycle
G90Absolute programming
G91Incremental programming
G91.1Checking the maximum incremental amount specified
G92Setting for workpiece coordinate system or clamp at maximum spindle speed
G92.1Workpiece coordinate system preset
G93Inverse time feed
G94Feed per minute
G95Feed per revolution
G96Constant surface speed control
G97Constant surface speed control cancel
G98Canned cycle : return to initial level
G99Canned cycle : return to R point level
G107Cylindrical interpolation
G112Polar coordinate interpolation mode
G113Polar coordinate interpolation mode cancel