CNC Fanuc G92 Threading Cycle

This cycle is usually called the G92 threading cycle on Fanuc controls.

The Fanuc G92 threading cycle is very simple to program.
Fanuc G92 threading cycle does not have any special infeed methods, the only thread infeed method is a straight plunge type.

For better thread control like Infeed angle you might use CNC Fanuc G76 Threading Cycle

CNC Fanuc G92 Threading Cycle

CNC Fanuc G92 Threading Cycle


1: Fanuc G92 Threading Cycle Format

N40 G92 X.. Z.. F..

X = Current diameter of the thread pass
Z = End position of the thread in Z-axis
F = Threading feedrate in in/rev (Thread Pitch)

2: Fanuc G92 Threading Cycle Passes

Fanuc G92 threading cycle gives the cnc machinist the flexibility to control every thread pass depth, so the following cnc program blocks will be the calculated diameters for each thread pass. For example

N50 X2.9520
N51 X2.9360
N52 X2.9230

3: Fanuc G92 Thread Cycle Completion

Fanuc G92 Threading cycle can be canceled only by another motion command. If G00 is missing in the program, the control system will expect that there are more threads to cut.
So the block after the last thread pass diameter block must be like this,

N110 GOO X12.O Z4.5 M09

CNC Fanuc G92 Threading Cycle Program Example

N10 T0505 M42
N20 G20 G97 S450 M03
N30 G00 X3.2 Z0.25 M08
N40 G92 X2.972 Z-1.6 FO.0833
N50 X2.9520
N60 X2.9360
N70 X2.9230
N80 X2.9130
N90 X2.9040
N100 X2.8978
N110 GOO X12.O Z4.5 M09
N120 M30