Fanuc G20 Measuring in Inches with CNC Program Example

Fanuc G20 Measuring in Inches or Programming in inches. As cnc machines gives us ease to program and machine any type of component.

The same way the cnc machine controls also give us the utmost flexibility that we can program not only in metric system but also in inches system.

On Fanuc cnc control G20 and G21 are used to change between the  inches and metric system.

This cnc programming example demonstrate the usage of Fanuc G20 G code.

Fanuc G20 Program Example

Fanuc G20 Program Example

Fanuc G20 CNC Program Example

N1 T0101
N2 G97 S800 M03
N3 G96 S150 G20
N4 G00 X0 Z1
N5 G01 Z0 G95 F0.3
N6 G01 X2 R0.25
N7 G01 Z-1
N8 G02 X5 Z-2.5 I1.5 K0
N9 G01 X6
N10 G00 X10 Z10
N11 M30