Fanuc G75 Grooving Cycle CNC Program Example

I have posted about Fanuc G75 Grooving Cycle. The Fanuc G75 grooving cycle has multiple parameters, which can be set according to your needs. In this post here is a cnc program example for the G75 Fanuc grooving cycle. Although it is a simple cnc program example for grooving, but this cnc program can be easily altered to your needs.

The fanuc G75 grooving cycle is briefly described in this article Fanuc G75 Grooving Cycle, so here is the cnc program example and some explanation of the cnc program.

CNC Programming Example of Fanuc G75 Grooving Cycle

Fanuc G75 Grooving Cycle CNC Program Example

Fanuc G75 Grooving Cycle CNC Program Example

N10 T0202
N20 G92 S500 M42
N30 G97 S400 M03
N40 G00 X110 Z0 M08
N50 G01 Z-22 F0.5
N60 G75 R1
N70 G75 X90 Z-60 P2000 Q3000 R0 F0.1
N80 G00 X120 Z100
N90 M30

Note: The grooving tool is 4mm wide, so I started from z-22.

Every time the grooving tool will take 2mm (P2000) cut in x-axis, and it will retract 1mm (Pecking, First R1)

After a groove in x-axis is complete it will start the next groove by moving the grooving tool by 3mm (Q3000) in z-axis, and it will repeat it.