Sample Program Example Fanuc G72 Facing Cycle Single-line-format

As canned cycle for cnc machines looks difficult to learn and program for beginner level cnc machinists, but they pay off in long run.

As canned cycle makes cnc machinists life easy because with the change of few parameter you can entirely change their behaviors according to your machining needs.

Here is a cnc program example code which demonstrate the use and programming of Fanuc G72 Facing Cycle.

Fanuc G72 Facing Cycle

Fanuc G72 facing cycle is used to remove extra material from component face by making cuts in traverse (X-axis) direction.


Program Example

Sample Program Fanuc G72 Facing Cycle

Sample Program Fanuc G72 Facing Cycle

N011 G50 X220.0 Z190.0
N012 G00 X176.0 Z132.0
N013 G72 P014 Q019 U4.0 W2.0 D7000 F0.3 S550
N014 G00 Z56.0 S700
N015 G01 X120.0 W14.0 F0.15
N016 W10.0
N017 X80.0 W10.0
N018 W20.0
N019 X36.0 W22.0
N020 G70 P014 Q019

As above code shows machining contour is from N014 till N019 as given with G72 P014 Q019

The G72 canned cycle will take D7000 (7mm) cut each.

Finishing allowance in X-axis is U4.0 and in Z-axis is W0.2
During the canned cycle the tool feed will be F0.3 and spindle speed will be S550 as given in block N013

After canned cycle completion G70 finishing cycle is called with the same block numbers as P014 Q019.
The feed and spindle speed will act normally as normal cnc program,
As spindle speed will be S700 given in block N014
and tool feed will be F0.15 as given in block N015 (this feed will active throughout G70 as no other feed-rate in given in later blocks)