Slot Milling a Sample CNC Program Example

A very simple cnc milling program example which shows how a simple slot can be machined.

Another such program example which mills a pocket the same way but in a taper is here CNC Milling Machine Programming Example for Beginners.

Slot Milling Program Example

Slot Milling Sample CNC Program

Slot Milling Sample CNC Program

N10 G00 G90 X70 Y25 Z1 S800 M3
N20 Z-5
N30 G01 X20 F150
N40 G00 Z100
N50 X-25 Y50
N60 M30

N10 Spindle on clockwise rotation at 800 rev/min, tool rapid traverse to P01.
N20 Infeed in Z.
N30 Tool traverse P01 to P02, feedrate 150 mm/min.
N40/N50 Rapid traverse retraction.
N60 End of program.