CNC Fanuc G75 Grooving Cycle

Fanuc G75 grooving cycle can be used for outside (external) or inside (internal) grooving. The Fanuc G75 grooving cycle is very similar to G74 Peck drilling cycle, G74 is for drilling or grooving in z-axis and G75 is for grooving in x-axis.

For Fanuc G75 one-line format read Fanuc G75 Grooving Cycle One-Line Format.

Fanuc G75 examples

Fanuc G75 Grooving Cycle CNC Program Example

G75 Canned Cycle Grooving CNC Programming Example

Not very difficult to program just few parameters are required.
Here is explanation of all the parameters of Fanuc G75 Grooving Cycle

N10 G75 R
N20 G75 X Z P Q R

G75 First CNC Programming Block

R – Return amount

G75 Second CNC Programming Block

X – Groove Depth (Groove end position in x-axis)

Z – Last groove position in z-axis (End Position in z-axis)

P – *Peck increment in x-axis (depth of each cut in x-axis)

Q – Stepping in z-axis. R = Relief amount at end of the cut.

*What is a Peck = A drilling operation that periodically retracts the tool to clear chips or flood the hole with coolant.