CNC Fanuc G33 G32 Threading G Code

Here is the explanation of cnc G code G33 /G32 which you will see in almost every cnc machine. On Fanuc cnc control this exists as Fanuc G32 G code for Special Thread Cutting and there is no Fanuc G33, but whether it is G33 or G32 the functionality is same. Every functionality which we can do with G33 on most cnc controls we can do with Fanuc G32 G Code. Below sometimes I will just use G33 but this all applies to G32 as well.

Example – Taper Threading with G32

Thread Cutting Possibilities with G33 / G32 Threading G-Code

  • Longitudinal thread.
  • Transverse thread.
  • Tapered thread.
  • Single and Multiple Start threads with a constant pitch.
  • Variable pitch and taper angles by Chaining thread cutting blocks.

No doubt G33 is not widely used because we prefer to use a threading cycle (see G76) instead. But the flexibility and variety G33 gives us a threading cycle can’t.

Threading with G33 / G32 G Code

G33 is used for thread cutting, but with G33 we can just make a single threading cut. This all mean that you yourself have to do all the work of threading tool positioning.

Sequence of Operation for G-Code G33 / G32

Here is a sequence of operations for cutting longitudinal threads with G33.

  • Take the threading tool to the start point. (G00)
  • Make a threading cut with G33
  • Take tool back in x-axis (G01 or G00)
  • Make a rapid traverse in z-axis to the thread start point (G00).
  • Travel the threading tool in x-axis a bit more deeper (G01)
  • Make second threading cut with G33
  • And again and again the sequence is repeated until the thread depth is complete.