CNC Lathe Simple G Code Example – G code Programming for Beginners

CNC lathe simple g code example for CNC machinists/CNC programmers who just started their journey to learn CNC programming.

Simple G Code Example CNC Lathe

CNC Lathe Simple G Code Example

CNC Lathe Simple G Code Example

N5 M12
N10 T0101
N15 G0 X100 Z50
N20 M3 S600
N25 M8
N30 G1 X50 Z0 F600
N40 W-30 F200
N50 X80 W-20 F150
N60 G0 X100 Z50
N70 T0100
N80 M5
N90 M9
N100 M13
N110 M30
N120 %

Code Explanation
N5 Clamping workpiece
N10 Changing No.1 tool and executing its offset
N15 Rapidly positioning to A point
N20 Starting the spindle with 600 r/min
N25 Cooling ON
N30 Approaching B point with 600mm/min
N40 Cutting from B point to C point
N50 Cutting from C point to D point
N60 Rapidly retracting to A point
N70 Canceling the tool offset
N80 Stopping the spindle
N90 Cooling OFF
N100 Releasing workpiece
N110 End of program, spindle stopping and Cooling OFF