Live Tooling Lathe Programming Code – Spindle Orientation Haas CNC

Live Tooling Lathe Programming

This is a live tooling lathe programming example which shows the use of driven tool (live tooling) and spindle orientation on Haas cnc lathe machine.

For a brief introduction of live tooling and related M-Codes on Haas cnc lathe machine read

Live Tooling Program Example Code

For same cnc program example which uses C-axis for spindle control read C-Axis Lathe Programming Example with Live Tooling on Haas CNC

CNC Spindle Orientation M19 Haas CNC Program Example

CNC Spindle Orientation M19 Haas CNC Program Example

N10 T101
N15 G54
N20 G00 X3.0 Z0.1
N25 G98
N30 M19 P0
N35 M14
N40 M133 P2000
N45 G01 Z-0.5 F40.0
N50 G00 Z0.1
N55 M19 P120
N60 M14
N65 G01 Z-0.5
N70 G00 Z0.1
N75 M19 P240
N80 M14
N85 G01 Z-0.5
N90 G00 Z0.1
N95 M15

CNC Program Code Explanation

N25 G98 Feed per minute.
G98 Feed per minute is used in this program instead of G99 feed per spindle revolution, because with most live tooling code G98 (feed per minute) is used as the spindle is not rotating at high rpm.

N30 M19 P0 Orient spindle.
The Spindle Orientation option M19 allows spindle positioning to a specific programmed angle, for more info read M19 Spindle Orientation – M119 Sub Spindle Orientation.

N35 M14 Clamp Main Spindle or turns on the spindle brake.

N40 M133 P2000 Turn on live tool forward 2000 rpm.

N95 M15 Turn off main spindle brake.