Simple G Code Example Mill – G code Programming for Beginners

G code Programming for Beginners

Learning G code programming is not that difficult.
Read and learn about a G code.
Understand how that G code work.
Then make a simple G code example drawing.
Make program for that example.
Run the program on your cnc machine (Safety first, keep a professional around).
Or you can simply run a cnc program Simulation (but this always doesn’t substitute the actual cnc machining process.)
The last thing is the most crucial which is Just practice practice and practice.

This is a very simple G code example for beginner level cnc programmers / cnc machinists.

This G code program example don’t use Tool radius compensation G40/G41/G42 G code.

Simple G Code Example Mill

Simple G Code Example

Simple G Code Example

T1 M6
(Linear / Feed - Absolute)
G0 G90 G40 G21 G17 G94 G80
G54 X-75 Y-75 S500 M3  (Position 6)
G43 Z100 H1
G1 Z-20 F100
X-40                   (Position 1)
Y40 M8                 (Position 2)
X40                    (Position 3)
Y-40                   (Position 4)
X-75                   (Position 5)
Y-75                   (Position 6)
G0 Z100