Hurco Lathe G Code List

G code list for Hurco Turning Centers (Dual-screen and Max Consoles). Hurco lathe G-code list also specifies which Hurco G-codes are Modal and which are non-modal.

Hurco Turning Center

Hurco Turning Center

Hurco Manuals Free Download

Hurco programming manuals are free to download from Hurco website
Hurco CNC Manuals Programming and Maintenance Free Download.

Hurco WinMax Software Free Download

CNC machinists can download Hurco WinMax software free from Hurco website
Hurco CNC Software WinMax Free Download.

Hurco Lathe G-Code List

Hurco lathe Modal G-codes have a ‘M’ written with them.

G-Code 	Modal 	Function
G00	M	Linear Motion at Rapid
G01	M	Linear Motion at Feed
G02	M	Clockwise Circular Motion at Feed
G03	M	Counterclockwise Circular Motion at Feed
G04		Dwell
G06	M	Probe/Block Skip
G07	M	Radius Programming
G08	M	Diameter Programming
G09		Exact Stop
G20	M	Inch Mode
G21	M	Millimeter Mode
G33		Threading
G40	M	Cutter Radius Compensation Off
G41	M	Cutter Radius Compensation Left
G42	M	Cutter Radius Compensation Right
G53	M	Program Machine Coordinates
G59	M	Cancel Work Coordinate Offsets
G73	M	Peck Drill with Chip Break Drill Cycle
G74	M	Left Hand Tapping
G78		Threading Cycle
G80	M	Cancel Drill Cycle
G81	M	Drill Cycle
G82	M	Drill Cycle with Dwell
G83	M	Peck Drill Cycle
G84	M	Right Hand Tapping
G90	M	Absolute Programming
G91	M	Incremental Programming
G92	M	Work Coordinate Offsets or Spindle Max Speed
G94	M	Feed per Minute
G95	M	Feed per Revolution
G96	M	Constant Surface Speed (CSS)
G97	M	Direct Spindle Speed
G98	M	Drill Cycle Initial Level Return
G99	M	Drill Cycle R Plane Return