Centroid CNC Lathe G Code Complete List

A complete list of Centroid CNC lathe G Code.

A given line of a program may contain more than one G-code.
If several G-codes from one group are used in the same line, only the G-code specified last will remain active.

Centroid CNC Lathe G Code

Centroid CNC Lathe

Centroid Lathe Operator’s Manual

CNC machinists can freely download Centroid Lathe Operator’s Manual from Centroid website

CENTROID CNC Programming Operating Manuals Free Download

Centroid CNC Lathe G Code

G Code    Description
G00         Rapid Positioning
G01         Linear Interpolation
G02         Circular or Helical Interpolation CW
G03         Circular or Helical Interpolation CCW
G04        Dwell
G10        Parameter Setting
G20        Select Inch Units
G21        Select Metric Units
G22        Work envelope on
G23        Work envelope off
G28        Return to Reference Point
G29        Return from Reference Point
G30         Return to Secondary Reference Point
G32         Constant Lead Thread Cutting
G40        Cutter Diameter Compensation Cancel
G41        Cutter Diameter Compensation Left
G42        Cutter Diameter Compensation Right
G50        Coordinate System Setting, Max. Spindle Speed Setting
G52         Offset Local Coordinate System
G53        Rapid Position in Machine Coordinates
G54         Select Work Coordinate System #1
G55        Select Work Coordinate System #2
G56        Select Work Coordinate System #3
G57         Select Work Coordinate System #4
G58         Select Work Coordinate System #5
G59        Select Work Coordinate System #6
G65        Call Macro
G70         Finishing Cycle
G71         Stock Removal in Turning
G72         Stock Removal in Facing
G74        End Face Peck Cutting
G75         Outer/Inner Diameter Peck Cutting Cycle
G76        Multi-Pass Threading Cycle
G80        Cancel Canned Cycle
G83        Deep Hole Drilling
G84         Tapping
G85        Boring Cycle
G90        Outer/Inner Diameter Cutting Cycle
G92        One-Pass Threading Cycle
G94         End Face Cutting Cycle
G96         Constant Surface Speed
G97         Constant Surface Speed Cancel
G98         Per Minute Feed
G99         Per Revolution Feed