Centroid M Code – CNC Mill (M-Series)

Centroid M-Series complete list of M Code.

M Code are used to perform specialized actions in CNC programs.

Centroid M Code - CNC Mill (M-Series)

Centroid M Code – CNC Mill (M-Series)

Centroid M-Series Operator’s Manual

CNC machinists can freely download Centroid M-Series Operator’s Manual from Centroid website

CENTROID CNC Programming Operating Manuals Free Download

Centroid M Code for CNC Mill (M-Series)

M00    Stop for Operator
M01    Optional Stop for Operator
M02    Restart Program
M03    Spindle On Clockwise
M04    Spindle On Counterclockwise
M05    Spindle Stop
M06    Tool Change
M07    Mist Coolant On
M08    Flood Coolant On
M09    Coolant Off
M10    Clamp On
M11    Clamp Off
M25    Move to Z Home
M26    Set Axis Home
M30    Customizable M-code for End of Intercon Program
M39    Air Drill
M91    Move to Minus Home
M92    Move to Plus Home
M93    Release/Restore Motor Power
M94,M95  Output On/Off
M98    Call Subprogram
M99    Return from Macro or Subprogram
M100   Wait for PLC bit (Open, Off, Reset)
M101   Wait for PLC bit (Closed, On, Set)
M102   Restart Program
M103   Programmed Action Timer
M104   Cancel Programmed Action Timer
M105   Move Minus to Switch
M106   Move Plus to Switch
M107   Output BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) Tool Number
M108   Enable Override Controls
M109   Disable Override Controls
M115,M116,M125,M126  Protected Move Probing
M120   Open data file (overwrite existing file)
M121   Open data file (append to existing file)
M122   Record local position(s) in data file
M123   Record value and/or comment in data file
M124   Record machine position(s) in data file
M127   Record Date and Time in a data file
M128   Move Axis by Encoder Counts
M200/M201  Stop for Operator, Prompt for Action
M223   Write Formatted String to File
M224   Prompt for Operator Input Using Formatted String
M225   Display Formatted String for A Period of Time
M300   Fast Synchronous I/O update
M1000-M1015  Graphing Color for Feedrate movement