Hust H6C-T Lathe CNC Controller M-Codes

Complete M-Code list for CNC machinists who work on CNC Lathe machines with Hust H6C-T CNC Controller.

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Hust H6C-T Lathe CNC Controller

Hust H6C-T Lathe CNC Controller

M-Codes for Hust H6C-T Lathe CNC Controller

M-CODE   Function
M00          Program Suspension.
M01          Option Suspension.
M02          Program End.
M30          Program Finished.
M98          Subprogram Call
M99          Subprogram ends or main program repeats.
M03          Spindle rotates in normal direction
M04          Spindle rotates in reversed direction
M05          Spindle stops
M06          Work-piece counting+1
M08          Coolant ON.
M09          Coolant OFF.
M13          Spindle CW , coolant ON
M14          Spindle CCW , coolant ON
M15          Option skip(Block delete)
M21          Spindle chuck release
M22          Spindle chuck close
M24          Blow air – on
M25          Blow air – off
M26          Received material – on
M27          Received material – off
M28          SP2 push material
M34          Spindle chuck release (Used with Bar-feeder)
M35          Spindle chuck close (Used with Bar-feeder)
M38          SP2 manual jog ON
M39          SP2 manual jog OFF
M70          Blow air 2 ON
M71          Blow air 2 OFF
M90          Tool changer Home key-OK
M91          Tool changer push out key-OK
M203        Spindle 2 CW
M204        Spindle 2 CCW
M205        Spindle 2 STOP
M213        Spindle 2 CW , coolant ON
M214        Spindle 2 CCW , coolant ON
M221        Spindle 2 Chuck-open
M222        Spindle 2 Chuck-close
M229        Spindle synchronous ON
M230        Spindle synchronous OFF