Citizen Cincom E32 IV G Codes M Codes

Citizen Cincom E32 IV G Codes & M Codes for cnc machinists programmers.

Citizen Cincom E32 IV 7-Axis

G Codes

G CodeFunction
G00Rapid Feed
G01Linear Interpolation
G02Circular Interpolation (Clockwise)
G03Circular Interpolation (Counter Clockwise)
G28Reference Point Return
G32Thread Cutting
G50Coordinate system setting
G90Longitudinal direction turning cycle
G92Thread cutting cycle
G94Face turning cycle
G96Constant surface speed control
G97Constant surface speed control cancel
G98Per minute feed
G99Per rotation feed

G Code Macros

G CodeFunction
G201Product separate command
G210Y axis machining mode ON (E32IV only)
G211Y axis machining mode OFF (E32IV only)
G500Coordinate system shift OFF
G501Coordinate system shift ON
G710Twin turret command
G711Select turret No.1
G712Select turret No.2
G720Two-saddle machining command
G721C axis cross cancel
G722C axis cross command
G730Back/front simultaneous machining command
G7403-Line simultaneous machining command
G750Pick off, center support machining command
G999Last program execution

Special G Codes

G CodeFunction
G12.1Milling interpolation (Option)
G13.1Milling interpolation cancel (Option)
G113Spindle and tool spindle synchronization cancel (It is an option except for E32IV)
G114.1Spindle synchronization (Option)
G114.2Tool spindle synchronization I (It is an option except for E32IV)
G114.3Tool spindle synchronization II (It is an option except for E32IV)
G115Start position queuing (Type 1)
G116Start position queuing (Type 2)
G117Miscellaneous command output during axis move
G125Control axis synchronization
G700Cancel machining command

M Codes

M CodeFunction
M00Program stop
M01Optional stop
M021 cycle stop (Stop the machine when under the 1 cycle mode.)
M03Spindle forward rotation
M04Spindle reverse rotation
M05Spindle stop
M06Chuck close
M07Chuck open
M08Short cut program insertion ON (Starts the end cut program of bar material)
M09Short cut program insertion OFF (Ends the end cut program of bar material)
M10Knock out ON (Forward move of back side knock out bar)
M11Knock out OFF (Reverse move of back side knock out bar)
M13Close ling workpiece chuck
M14Open long workpiece chuck
M15Close back chuck
M16Open back chuck
M18Spindle zero point return and C axis gear ON (Preparation for C axis control)
M20Reset C axis selection (End of C axis control)
M23Back spindle forward rotation
M24Back spindle reverse rotation
M25Back spindle stop
M31Turret speed selection (low-speed swing)
M32Forward move of workpiece separator (back side)
M33Reverse move of workpiece separator (back side)
M46Y axis clutch OFF (Allows the axis move)
M47Y axis clutch ON (It must not be used except when Y=0)
M50Back pick-off inferiority detection (Rotate the spindle at low speed to set M50 after cut-off)
M51Tool break detection (Detects the tool by the switch)
M52Coolant ON
M53Coolant OFF
M54Bar feeder stop (Used when replacing the material.)
M55Bar feeder material replacement start (Starts replacement of the bar feeder material.)
M56Product count
M61External M code 1
M62External M code 2
M63External M code 2
M64External M code 4
M65External M code 5
M72Back spindle air blow ON
M73Back spindle air blow OFF
M74C axis zero point deceleration dummy timer (to be used with M74G28H1;)
M75Back spindle torque control (L) ON (25% the rated torque (same as M123))
M77Waiting for spindle synchronization to end
M78Back spindle indexing
M79Back spindle indexing OFF
M80Tool #1 spindle forward rotation
M81Tool #1 spindle reverse rotation
M82Tool #1 spindle stop
M83Tool #2 spindle forward rotation
M84Tool #2 spindle reverse rotation
M85Tool #2 spindle stop
M88Interference check OFF (reset)
M89Interference check ON
M94Back spindle variation detection ON
M95Back spindle variation detection OFF
M96Spindle variation detection ON
M97Spindle variation detection OFF
M98Subprogram call
M99Program return
M123Back spindle torque limit (H) ON (When cut-off with the spindle and back spindle synchronization with each other. To stop the workpiece to slip in the chuck by the rotation error.)
M124Back spindle torque limit OFF
M125Citizen side used within the macro.
M126Citizen side used within the macro.
M127Citizen side used within the macro.