Anilam 4200T M Codes CNC Turning

Anilam 4200T M-Codes list for cnc machinists programmers who work on CNC Turning machines with Anilam 4200T CNC controls.

Anilam 4200T

What is M Code (Miscellaneous Function)

M (Miscellaneous) Codes Performs miscellaneous (M) functions such as spindle forward/reverse/off and coolant ON/OFF.

Anilam 4200T M Codes

M CodeFunction
M0 Program stop
M1 Optional program stop
M2 End of program
M3 Spindle ON FWD
M4 Spindle ON REV
M5 Spindle OFF
M8 Coolant ON
M9 Coolant OFF
M19 Orient Spindle and Enable C-Axis Mode.
M30 Program end
M40 Open gear range
M41 1st Gear range
M42 2nd Gear range
M43 3rd Gear range
M44 4th Gear range
M98 Call subprogram
M99 End subprogram
M100 Mirror image
M900 C Synchronize C to X and Z.
M901 C Un-Synchronize C from X and Z.