Bosch CC 100 M G-Codes and M-Codes

Bosch CC 100 M CNC control G code and M Code complete list for cnc machinists who work on CNC Mill with BOSCH CC 100 CNC control.

Bosch CC 100 CNC Control

G-Codes Bosch CC 100 M

G0Positioning in rapid
G1Linear interpolation at programmed feedrate
G3Circular interpolation, clockwise
G3Circular interpolation, counter-clockwise
G4Dwell in seconds
G5Circular interpolation with tangential entry
G6Linear interpolation in rapid with extended IN POS range
G17Plane selection X/Y
G18Plane selection Z/X
G19Plane selection Y/Z
G20Setting pole for polar coordinates
G21Subprogram call-up depending on I/F signal
G22Subprogram call-up, unconditional
G23Jump to program label depending on I/F signal
G24Jump to program label, unconditional
G25Field limitation, setting minimum values
G26Field limitation, setting maximum values
G27Cancelling field limitation
G36Scale factor switching
G38Switch on programmable mirroring
G39Switch off programmable mirroring
G40Cancelling tool radius compensation
G41Tool radius compensation to the left of the path
G42Tool radius compensation to the right of the path
G53Cancel zero shift
G54 to G59Switch on zero shift
G61‘In Position’ function on
G62‘In Position’ function off
G63Feedrate and spindle speed set to 100%
G64Feedrate applies to contour on circular contours
G65Feedrate applies for tool centre path
G66Feedrate/spindle speed can be modified via pot.
G68Auxiliary arc on outside corners
G69Intersection on outside corners
G75Measuring probe
G80Cancel fixed cycles G81 to G89
G81Drilling, centering
G82Boring with dwell
G83Deep hole drilling with positioning movements in rapid
G84Tapping with dwell
G85Boring with dwell/oriented spindle stop
G87Thread milling
G90Input in absolute dimensions
G91Input in incremental dimensions
G92Setting position stores / Setting top limit for spindle speed
G93Time programming
G94Feedrate direct in mm/min
G95Feedrate in mm/rev
G96Automatic calculation of cutting speed
G97Direct spindle speed programming
G99Subprogram end
G800 to G869Customer cycles: call-up via G-functions with corresponding numbers
G890Intersection circle/circle
G891Intersectin line/circle
G892Rounding corners (3 points)
G893Rounding corners (2 angles)
G895Calculation of end point of arc
G896Transition point arc/arc tangential
G897End point of straight line
G898Intersection line/line

M-Codes Bosch CC 100 M

M0Program stop after execution of the block
M2Main program end, cycle end
M3Main spindle on CW
M4Main spindle on CCW
M5Main spindle stop/coolant off
M6Call-up of the automatic tool change cycle (cycle 77)
M13Main spindle on CW, Coolant on
M14Main spindle on CCW, Coolant on
M19Orientation of main spindle to fixed position
M19(S…)Orientation of main spindle to programmable position (degrees)
M21Call0up of MTB cycle 76
M22Call-up of MTB cycle 75
M30Program end with return to beginning (continuation with Cycle Start)
M40Automatic gear range selection
M41-44Selection of fixed gear range 1 to 4
M98SINGLE BLOCK command is not accepted
M99SINGLE BLOCK command is possible, i.e. the effect of M98 is cancelled