GE Series Fanuc 0-MC G Codes M Codes – EMCO WinNC

EMCO WinNC GE Series Fanuc 0-MC programming G codes / M codes complete lists.


G Codes

G CodeDescription
G00Positioning (Rapid Traverse)
G01Linear Interpolation
G02Circular Interpolation Clockwise
G03Circular Interpolation Counterclockwise
G09Exact Stop
G10Data Setting
G11Data Setting Off
G15End Polar Coordinate Interpolation
G16Begin Polar Coordinate Interpolation
G17Plane Selection XY
G18Plane Selection ZX
G19Plane Selection YZ
G20Measuring in Inches
G21Measuring in Millimeter
G28Approach Reference Point
G33Thread Cutting
G40Cancel Cutter Radius Compensation
G41Cutter Radius Compensation left
G42Cutter Radius Compensation right
G43Tool Length Compensation positive
G44Tool Length Compensation negative
G49Cancel Tool Length Compensation
G50Cancel Scale Factor
G51Scale Factor
G52Local Coordinate System
G53Machine Coordinate System
G54Zero Offset 1
G55Zero Offset 2
G56Zero Offset 3
G57Zero Offset 4
G58Zero Offset 5
G59Zero Offset 6
G61Exact Stop Mode
G62Automatic Corner Override
G64Cutting mode
G68Coordinate System Rotation ON
G69Coordinate System Rotation OFF
G73Chip Break Drilling Cycle
G74Left Tapping Cycle
G76Fine Drilling Cycle
G80Cancel Drilling Cycles (G83 bis G85)
G81Drilling Cycle
G82Drilling Cycle with Dwell
G83Withdrawal Drilling Cycle
G84Tapping Cycle
G85Reaming Cycle
G86Drilling Cycle with Spindle Stop
G87Back Pocket Drilling Cycle
G88Drilling Cycle with Program Stop
G89Reaming Cycle with Dwell
G90Absolute Programming
G91Incremental Programming
G92Coordinate System Setting
G94Feed per Minute
G95Feed per Revolution
G97Revolutions per Minute
G98Retraction to Starting Plane (Drilling Cycles)
G99Retraction to Withdrawal Plane Initial status

M Codes

M CodeDescription
M00Programmed stop
M01Programmed stop conditional
M02Program end
M03Spindle ON in clockwise direction
M04Spindle ON in counter-clockwise direction
M05Spindle OFF
M06Tool change
M07Minimum lubrication ON
M08Coolant ON
M09Coolant OFF
M10Clamp round axis
M11Round axis release clamping
M27Swivel dividing unit
M30Program end
M71Blow-out ON
M72Blow-out OFF
M98Subroutine call
M99Subroutine end


Ffeed rate, thread pitch
Gpath function
Hnumber of the correction value address in the offset register (OFFSET)
I, J, Kcircle parameter, scale factor, K also number of repetitions of a cycle, mirror axes
Mmiscellaneous function
Nblock number 1 to 9999
OProgram number 1 to 9499
Pdwell, subprogram call
Qcutting depth or shift value in cycle
Rradius, retraction height with cycle
Sspindle speed
Ttool call
X, Y, Zposition data (X also dwell)
;block end