Heidenhain TNC 426 Conversational M Codes – EMCO WinNC

EMCO WinNC Heidenhain TNC 426 Conversational programming M codes complete list.

EMCO Concept MILL 105 Heidenhain TNC

M Codes

M CodeDescription
M0Programmed stop
M1Optional stop (program stop only with opt. stop)
M2Program end
M3Spindle ON clockwise
M4Spindle ON counterclockwise
M5Spindle OFF
M6Tool change
M8Coolant ON
M9Coolant OFF
M10Dividing head, clamping ON
M11Dividing head, clamping OFF
M17End of subprogram
M25OPEN clamp/ machine vice
M26CLOSE clamp/ machine vice
M27Swivel dividing head
M30Main program end
M71Puff blowing device ON
M72Puff blowing device OFF
M99Cycle call