SINUMERIK 810/820T G Codes M Codes – EMCO WinNC

EMCO WinNC SINUMERIK 810/820 T Turning programming G codes / M codes / Cycles complete lists.

G Codes

G CodeDescription
G00Positioning (rapid traverse)
G01Linear interpolation
G02Circular interpolation clockwise
G03Circular interpolation counterclockwise
G09Exact stop
G10Polar coordinate interpolation, rapid traverse
G11Polar coordinate interpolation, linear interpolation
G12Polar coordinate interpolation, circular interpolation clockwise
G13Polar coordinate interpolation, circular interpolation counterclockwise
G16Plane selection with free axis selection
G18Plane ZX
G25Minimum working area limitation
G26Maximum working area limitation
G33Thread cutting
G40Cancel cutter radius compensation
G41Cutter radius compensation left
G42Cutter radius compensation right
G48Leave as approached
G50Cancel scale modification
G51Scale modification
G53Cancel zero offset blockwise
G54Zero offset 1
G55Zero offset 2
G56Zero offset 3
G57Zero offset 4
G58Programmable zero offset 1
G59Programmable zero offset 2
G60Exact stop mode
G62Deselection exact stop mode
G63Thread tapping with compenstion chuck
G64Deselection exact stop mode
G70Measuring in inches
G71Measuring in millimetre
G80Deselection of drilling cycles
G90Absolute programming
G91Incremental programming
G92Spindle speed limit
G92 PCylindrical interpolation ON
G92 P1Cylindrical interpolation OFF
G94Feed per minute
G95Feed per revolution
G96Constant cutting speed, feed per revolution
G97Constant spindle speed
G130Transmit OFF
G131Transmit ON
G147Soft approach to contour with linear
G148Soft leaving with linear
G247Soft approach to contour with quarter circle
G248Soft leaving with quarter circle
G347Soft approach to contour with semicircle
G348Soft leaving with semicircle

M Codes

M CodeDescription
M00Programmed stop unconditional
M01Programmed stop conditional
M02Main program end
M03Spindle ON clockwise
M04Spindle ON counterclockwise
M051Spindle OFF
M08Coolant ON
M091Coolant OFF
M17Subroutine end
M20Tailstock BACK
M21Tailstock FORWARD
M25Open clamping device
M26Close clamping device
M30Main program end
M52C- axis ON
M53C- axis OFF
M71Puff blowing ON
M721Puff blowing OFF


L93Cut-in cycle
L94Undercut cycle
L95Stock removal with back pockets
L96Stock removal without back pockets
L97Thread cutting cycle
L98Deep hole drilling cycle
L99Thread draft
L971Longitudinal thread


%program number 1 – 9999
Lsubroutine number 1 – 9999
Nblock number 1 – 9999
Gpath function
Mmiscellaneous function
Bradius (pos. sign), chamfer (neg. sign), circle radius
Dtool offset 1 – 49
Ffeed, dwell
I, Kcircle parameter, thread pitch
Pnumber of subroutine runs, scale factor
Rparameter for cycles
Sspindle speed, cutting speed
Ttool call (tool turret position)
X, Zposition data (X also dwell)
LFblock end