Mitsubishi CNC G Codes – Machining Centers 700/70 Series

Complete Mitsubishi CNC G Codes list for cnc machinists who work on CNC machining centers with Mitsubishi CNC controls (700/70 Series).

Mitsubishi CNC Manuals

CNC machinists can freely download Mitsubishi CNC Manuals for
Mitsubishi CNC 700/70 Series Programming Manual (Machining Center System)
Mitsubishi CNC 700/70 Series Programming Manual (Lathe System)

Mitsubishi M700 Series CNC

Mitsubishi M700 Series CNC

Mitsubishi CNC G Codes

G codeFunction
G01Linear interpolation
G02Circular interpolation CW (clockwise)
R-specified circular interpolation CW
Helical interpolation CW
Spiral/Conical interpolation CW (type 2)
G03Circular interpolation CCW (counterclockwise)
R-specified circular interpolation CCW
Helical interpolation CCW
Spiral/Conical interpolation CCW (type 2)
G02.1Spiral/Conical interpolation CW (type1)
G03.1Spiral/Conical interpolation CCW (type1)
G02.3Exponential function interpolation positive rotation
G03.3Exponential function interpolation negative rotation
G02.43-dimensional circular interpolation
G03.43-dimensional circular interpolation
G05High-speed machining mode
High-speed high-accuracy control II
G05.1High-speed high-accuracy control I Spline
G06.2NURBS interpolation
G07Hypothetical axis interpolation
G07.1Cylindrical interpolation
G107Cylindrical interpolation
G08High-accuracy control
G09Exact stop check
G10Program data input (parameter /compensation data/parameter coordinate rotation data)
G11Program data input cancel
G12Circular cut CW (clockwise)
G13Circular cut CCW (counterclockwise)
G12.1Polar coordinate interpolation ON
G112Polar coordinate interpolation ON
G13.1Polar coordinate interpolation cancel
G113Polar coordinate interpolation cancel
G15Polar coordinate command OFF
G16Polar coordinate command ON
G17Plane selection X-Y
G18Plane selection Z-X
G19Plane selection Y-Z
G20Inch command
G21Metric command
G22Stroke check before travel ON
G23Stroke check before travel cancel
G27Reference position check
G28Reference position return
G29Start position return
G302nd to 4th reference position return
G30.1Tool change position return 1
G30.2Tool change position return 2
G30.3Tool change position return 3
G30.4Tool change position return 4
G30.5Tool change position return 5
G30.6Tool change position return 6
Multi-step skip function 2
G31.1Multi-step skip function 1-1
G31.2Multi-step skip function 1-2
G31.3Multi-step skip function 1-3
G33Thread cutting
G34Special fixed cycle (bolt hole circle)
G35Special fixed cycle (line at angle)
G36Special fixed cycle (arc)
G37Automatic tool length measurement
G37.1Special fixed cycle (grid)
G38Tool radius compensation vector designation
G39Tool radius compensation corner arc
G40Tool radius compensation cancel
3-dimentional tool radius compensation cancel
G41Tool radius compensation left
3-dimentional tool radius compensation left
G42Tool radius compensation right
3-dimentional tool radius compensation right
G40.1Normal line control cancel
G41.1Normal line control left ON
G42.1Normal line control right ON
G43Tool length compensation (+)
G44Tool length compensation (-)
G43.1Tool length compensation along the tool axis
G43.4Tool center point control type 1
G43.5Tool center point control type 2
G45Tool position offset (extension)
G46Tool position offset (reduction)
G47Tool position offset (doubled)
G48Tool position offset (halved)
G49Tool length compensation cancel
Tool center point control cancel
G50Scaling cancel
G51Scaling ON
G50.1G command mirror image cancel
G51.1G command mirror image ON
G52Local coordinate system setting
G53Basic machine coordinate system selection
G54Workpiece coordinate system 1 selection
G55Workpiece coordinate system 2 selection
G56Workpiece coordinate system 3 selection
G57Workpiece coordinate system 4 selection
G58Workpiece coordinate system 5 selection
G59Workpiece coordinate system 6 selection
G54.1Workpiece coordinate system selection 48 / 96 sets extended
G60Unidirectional positioning
G61Exact stop check mode
G61.1High-accuracy control 1 ON
G61.2High-accuracy spline interpolation
G62Automatic corner override
G63Tapping mode
G63.1Synchronous tapping mode (normal tapping)
G63.2Synchronous tapping mode (reverse tapping)
G64Cutting mode
G65User macro call
G66User macro modal call A
G66.1User macro modal call B
G67User macro modal call cancel
G68Programmable coordinate rotation mode ON/3-dimensional coordinate conversion mode ON
G69Programmable coordinate rotation mode OFF/3-dimensional coordinate conversion mode OFF
G70User fixed cycle
G71User fixed cycle
G72User fixed cycle
G73Fixed cycle (step)
G74Fixed cycle (reverse tap)
G75Fixed cycle (circle cutting cycle)
G76Fixed cycle (fine boring)
G77User fixed cycle
G78User fixed cycle
G79User fixed cycle
G80Fixed cycle cancel
G81Fixed cycle (drill/spot drill)
G82Fixed cycle (drill/counter boring)
G83Fixed cycle (deep drilling)
G84Fixed cycle (tapping)
G85Fixed cycle (boring)
G86Fixed cycle (boring)
G87Fixed cycle (back boring)
G88Fixed cycle (boring)
G89Fixed cycle (boring)
G90Absolute value command
G91Incremental command value
G92Coordinate system setting / Spindle clamp speed setting
G92.1Workpiece coordinate system pre-setting
G93Inverse time feed
G94Feed per minute (Asynchronous feed)
G95Feed per revolution (Synchronous feed)
G96Constant surface speed control ON
G97Constant surface speed control OFF
G98Fixed cycle Initial level return
G99Fixed cycle R point level return
G100 to G255User macro (G code call) Max. 10