Centroid G Code M-Series – CNC Mill

A complete list of Centroid M-Series G Code (CNC Mill).

A given line of a program may contain more than one G-code.
If several G-codes from one group are used in the same line, only the G-code specified last will remain active.

Centroid G Code M-Series

Centroid G Code M-Series

Centroid M-Series Operator’s Manual

CNC machinists can freely download Centroid M-Series Operator’s Manual from Centroid website

CENTROID CNC Programming Operating Manuals Free Download

Centroid G Code M-Series

G-code  Description
G00       Rapid Positioning
G01       Linear Interpolation
G02       Circular or Helical Interpolation CW
G03       Circular or Helical Interpolation CCW
G04       Dwell
G09       Decelerate and Stop (formerly known as Exact Stop)
G10       Parameter Setting
G17       Circular Interpolation Plane Selection XY
G18       Circular Interpolation Plane Selection ZX
G19       Circular Interpolation Plane Selection YZ
G20       Select Inch Units
G21       Select Metric Units
G22       Work envelope on
G23       Work envelope off
G28       Return to Reference Point
G29       Return from Reference Point
G30       Return to Secondary Reference Point
G40       Cutter Compensation Cancel
G41       Cutter Compensation Left
G42       Cutter Compensation Right
G43       Tool Length Compensation (+)
G43.3    Tool Length Compensation (+) with Axis Tilt Compensation
G44       Tool Length Compensation (-)
G49       Tool Length Compensation Cancel
G50       Scaling/Mirroring Off (Optional)
G51       Scaling/Mirroring On (Optional)
G52       Offset Local Coordinate System Origin
G53       Rapid Position in Machine Coordinates
G54       Select Work Coordinate System #1
G55       Select Work Coordinate System #2
G56       Select Work Coordinate System #3
G57       Select Work Coordinate System #4
G58       Select Work Coordinate System #5
G59       Select Work Coordinate System #6
G61       Modal Decel and Stop (formerly known as Exact Stop Mode)
G64       Smoothing mode selection / Cancel Modal Decelerate and Stop
G65       Call Macro
G68       Coordinate Rotation on
G69       Coordinate Rotation off
G73       High Speed Peck Drilling
G74       G Counter Tapping
G76       Fine Bore Cycle
G80       Canned Cycle Cancel
G81       Drilling and Spot Drilling
G82       Drill with Dwell
G83       Deep Hole Drilling
G84       Tapping
G85       Boring
G89       Boring with Dwell
G90       Absolute Positioning Mode
G91       Incremental positioning Mode
G92       Set Absolute position
G93       Inverse Time On
G93.1    Velocity Scrubber for Smoothed Inverse Time Data
G94       Inverse Time Off
G98       Initial Point Return
G99       R Point Return
G117     Rotation of Plane Selection XY
G118     Rotation of Plane Selection ZX
G119     Rotation of Plane Selection YZ
G173     Compound High Speed Peck Drilling
G174     Compound Counter Tapping
G176     Compound Fine Bore Cycle
G180     Compound Canned Cycle Cancel
G181     Compound Drilling and Spot Drilling
G182     Compound Drill with Dwell
G183     Compound Deep Hole Drilling
G184     Compound Tapping
G185     Compound Boring
G189     Compound Boring with Dwell