Hurco Mill G Code List

Hurco Mill G-code list for CNC machinists who work on Hurco CNC mill machines.

Hurco CNC are Advanced CNC machine tools including machining centers, turning centers, and 5-axis all with the WinMax cnc control.

Hurco VMX30U 5 axis machining centre

Hurco VMX30U 5 axis machining centre

Download Hurco Manuals

Hurco programming manuals are free to download from Hurco website
Hurco CNC Manuals Programming and Maintenance Free Download.

Download Hurco WinMax Software

CNC machinists can download Hurco WinMax software free from Hurco website
Hurco CNC Software WinMax Free Download.

Hurco Mill G-Code List

G-Code 	Modal 	Function
G00   	M	Positioning (Rapid Traverse)
G01	M  	Linear Interpolation (Cutting Feed)
G02 	M  	Circular Interpolation/Helical CW
G02.4	M  	3D Circular Interpolation CW
G03  	M  	Circular Interpolation/Helical CCW
G03.4	M  	3D Circular Interpolation CCW
G04 	   	Dwell, Exact Stop
G05.1	M  	Surface Finish Parameters
G05.2 	M  	Data Smoothing
G05.3 	M  	Surface Finish Quality
G07.2 	M  	Cylindrical Rotary Wrap On
G07.3 	M  	Cylindrical Rotary Wrap Off
G08.1 	M  	ASR Command Buffer On
G08.2 	M  	ASR Command Buffer Off
G09    	   	Decelerate Axis to Zero
G10    	   	Data Setting
G11  	   	Data Setting Mode Cancel
G15   	M  	Polar Coordinates Cancel
G16   	M  	Polar Coordinates
G17   	M  	XY Plane Selection
G18   	M  	ZX Plane Selection
G19   	M  	YZ Plane Selection
G20   	M  	Input in Inch (ISNC)
G21   	M  	Input in mm (ISNC)
G28   	   	Return to Reference Point
G29   	   	Return from Reference Point
G31   	   	Skip
G40	M  	Cutter Compensation Cancel
G41	M  	Cutter Compensation Left
G41.2	M  	3D Tool Geometry Compensation
G42 	M  	Cutter Compensation Right
G43 	M  	Tool Length Compensation + Direction
G43.4 	M  	5-Axis Linear Interpolation
G44 	M  	Tool Length Compensation - Direction
G45 	   	Tool Offset Increase
G46 	   	Tool Offset Decrease
G47 	   	Tool Offset Double Increase
G48 	   	Tool Offset Double Decrease
G49 	M  	Tool Length Offset Compensation Cancel
G50 	M  	Scaling Cancel
G51 	M  	Scaling
G50.1 	M  	Mirroring Cancel
G51.1 	M  	Mirroring
G52 	   	Local Coordinate System Setting
G53 	   	Machine Coordinate System Selection
G54 	M  	Work Coordinate System 1 Selection
G54.1 	M  	Aux Work Coordinate Systems
G55 	M  	Work Coordinate System 2 Selection
G56 	M  	Work Coordinate System 3 Selection
G57 	M  	Work Coordinate System 4 Selection
G58 	M  	Work Coordinate System 5 Selection
G59 	M  	Work Coordinate System 6 Selection
G61 	M  	Decelerates to Zero–Precision Cornering
G64 	M  	Cancels Precision Cornering
G65 	   	Macro Command, Subprogram Call
G66 	M  	Modal Subprogram Call
G67 	M  	Modal Subprogram Call Cancel
G68 	M  	Coordinate Rotation
G68.2 	M	Global Rotation NC Transform Plane
G68.3 	M 	Local Rotation NC Transform Plane
G69 	M 	Coordinate System Rotation Cancel
G70 	M 	Input in Inch (BNC)
G71 	M  	Input in mm (BNC)
G73 	M 	Peck Drilling Cycle
G74 	M 	Left-handed Tapping Cycle(ISNC)
G74	M 	With M29 Rigid Tapping (ISNC)
G74 	M 	Single-quadrant Circular Interpolation (BNC)
G75 	M 	Multi-quadrant Circular Interpolation (BNC)
G76 	M 	Bore Orient Cycle
G80 	M 	Canned Cycle Cancel
G81 	M 	Drilling Cycle, Spot Boring
G82 	M 	Drilling Cycle, Counter Boring
G83 	M 	Peck Drilling Cycle
G84 	M 	Tapping Cycle
G84.2 	M 	Rigid Tapping Cycle (ISNC)
G84.3 	M 	Rigid Tapping Cycle (ISNC)
G84  	M 	With M29 Rigid Tapping Cycle (ISNC)
G85 	M 	Boring Cycle
G86 	M 	Bore Orient Cycle (BNC)
G86 	M 	Bore Rapid Out Cycle (ISNC)
G87 	M 	Chip Breaker Cycle (BNC)
G87 	M 	Back Boring Cycle (ISNC)
G88 	M 	Rigid Tapping Cycle (BNC)
G88 	M 	Boring Cycle Manual Feed Out, Dwell (ISNC)
G89 	M 	Boring Cycle Bore and Dwell
G90 	M 	Absolute Command
G91 	M 	Incremental Command
G92 	  	Programming of Absolute Zero Point
G93 	M 	Inverse Time
G94 	M 	Feed per Minute
G94.1 	M 	Rotary Tangential Velocity Control
G98 	M 	Return to Initial Point in Canned Cycle
G99 	M 	Return to R Point in Canned Cycle