Hust CNC G Code List – CNC Mill H4M & H4CL-M

Hust CNC G code list for cnc machinists who work on CNC Mill with Hust CNC controls.

Following G code works on,

Hust CNC H4M,  Hust cnc H4CL-M and related Hust cnc mill controls.

Hust CNC G Code List - CNC Mill

Hust CNC G Code List – CNC Mill

Hust CNC G Code List – CNC Mill

G-code     Function
G00          Rapid positioning (fast feed-rate)
G01          Linear cutting (cutting feed-rate)
G02          Arc cutting, CW (cutter at rear)
G03          Arc cutting, CCW (cutter at rear)
G04          Dwell command, Temporary stop
G08          Clear machine coordinates in all axis
G10          Data input
G20          System measurement in INCH mode
G21          System measurement in METRIC mode
G22          Linear grooving
G23          Arc grooving
G24          Rectangular grooving
G25          Circular grooving
G28          Tool moves to the 1st reference point
G29          Moves back to the specified position from the ref. point
G30          Tool moves to the 2nd reference point (10 groups in total)
G31          Skip function
G34          Circular drilling canned cycle
G35          Angular drill canned cycle
G36          Arc drill canned cycle
G37          Grid drill canned cycle
G40          Tool radius compensation – cancel
G41          Tool radius compensation – set (left)
G42          Tool radius compensation – set (right)
G43          Tool length compensation- positive direction
G44          Tool length compensation-negative direction
G49          Tool length compensation-cancel
G50          Proportion function cancel
G51          Proportion function setting
G54          The first work coordinate
G55          The second work coordinate
G56          The third work coordinate
G57          The fourth work coordinate
G58          The fifth work coordinate
G59          The sixth work coordinate
G68           X-axis mirror-effect cutting
G69          Y-axis mirror-effect cutting
G80          Drill canned cycle, cancel
G81          Drill canned cycle, set
G82          Drill canned cycle-temporary stop at bottom
G83          Deep hole drilling canned cycle
G84          Tap Cutting canned cycle, Steel threading
G85          Boring cycle
G86          Boring cycle-spindle stop at bottom
G89          Boring cycle-temporary stop at bottom
G90          Command for absolute coordinate
G91          Command for increment coordinate
G94          Feed-rate specified by mm/min
G95          Feed-rate specified by mm/revolution