Tormach G code List

Complete Tormach G code reference.

CNC machinists can download Tormach PCNC 1100 and Tormach PCNC 770 manuals Tormach Manuals Download.

Tormach PCNC

Tormach PCNC

Tormach G code List

G00 – Rapid positioning

G01 – Linear interpolation

G02 – Clockwise circular/helical interpolation

G03 – Counterclockwise circular/helical interpolation

G04 – Dwell

G10 – Coordinate system origin setting

G12 – Clockwise circular pocket

G13 – Counterclockwise circular pocket

G15/G16 – Polar Coordinate moves in G00 and G01

G17 – XY Plane select

G18 – XZ Plane select

G19 – YZ Plane select

G20/G21 – Inch/millimeter unit

G28 – Return home

G28.1 – Reference axes

G30 – Return home

G31 – Straight probe

G40 – Cancel cutter radius compensation

G41/G42 – Start cutter radius compensation left/right

G43 – Apply tool length offset (plus)

G49 – Cancel tool length offset

G50 – Reset all scale factors to 1.0

G51 – Set axis data input scale factors

G52 – Temporary coordinate system offsets

G53 – Move in absolute machine coordinate system

G54 – Use fixture offset 1

G55 – Use fixture offset 2

G56-58 – Use fixture offset 3, 4, 5

G59 – Use fixture offset 6/ use general fixture number

G61/G64 – Exact stop/Constant Velocity mode

G68/G69 – Coordinate system rotation

G73 – Canned cycle – peck drilling

G80 – Cancel motion mode (including canned cycles)

G81 – Canned cycle – drilling

G82 – Canned cycle – drilling with dwell

G83 – Canned cycle – peck drilling

G85 – Canned cycle – boring, no dwell, feed out

G86 – Canned cycle – boring, spindle stop, rapid out

G88 – Canned cycle – boring, spindle stop, manual out

G89 – Canned cycle – boring, dwell, feed out

G90 – Absolute distance mode

G91 – Incremental distance mode

G92 – Offset coordinates and set parameters

G92.x – Cancel G92 etc.

G93 – Inverse time feed mode

G94 – Feed per minute mode

G95 – Feed per rev mode

G98 – Initial level return after canned cycles

G99 – R-point level return after canned cycles