Hurco M Code List – CNC Mill

Hurco M Code

Hurco M Codes (Miscellaneous Functions) cause machine-related action (e.g., coolant control and tool changes).
Multiple M codes can be used within an NC block.

Hurco M Code List - CNC Mill

Hurco M Code List – CNC Mill

Hurco M Code List

Below is a complete Hurco M code List for CNC Mill.

M Code  Definition
M00        Cancels the spindle and coolant functions; stops part program execution
M01        Program stop often used when the operator wants to refixture the part
M02        Marks the end of the program; stops the spindle, coolant, and axes feed
M03        Starts clockwise rotation of the spindle
M04        Starts counterclockwise rotation of the spindle
M05        Switches the spindle off
M06        Requests an automatic tool change
M07        Switches on secondary coolant systems
M08        Switches on primary coolant system
M09        Switches off both the primary and secondary coolant
M10        Switches on both the primary and secondary coolant
M12        Clamp Rotary C Axis
M13        Unclamp Rotary C Axis
M16        Automatic Buffering On
M17        Automatic Buffering Off
M20        Advances the indexer one position
M21        Initiates lubrication
M25        Retracts the Z axis to the home position (tool change height)
M26        Select Part Probe Signal
M27        Select Tool Probe Signal
M29        Enables rigid tapping (ISNC)
M30        Program End
M31        Resets the rotary axis encoder position
M32        Clamps the rotary A axis
M33        Unclamps the rotary A axis
M34        Clamps the rotary B axis
M35        Unclamps the rotary B axis
M36        Switches off the servos
M38        Reads and places the state of the laser OK signal
M39        Reads and places the state of the laser static signal
M40        Reads and places the state of the laser dynamic signal
M41        Enables single-touch probing when using the G31 command
M42        Enables two-touch probing with the G31 command.
M43        Increases the barrier air.
M44        Reduces barrier air.
M45        Opens the shutter.
M46        Closes the shutter.
M47        Turns the laser emitter on.
M48        Turns the laser emitter off.
M49        Turns the laser receiver on / Disable Latch Mode.
M50        Turns the laser receiver off / Enable Latch Mode.
M51        Cycle Pallet Changer
M52        Enables auxiliary output 1.
M53        Enables auxiliary output 2.
M54        Enables auxiliary output 3.
M55        Enables auxiliary output 4.
M56        Rotates the pallet changer for a non-confirmation pallet change.
M57        Rotates the pallet changer to pallet 1.
M58        Rotates the pallet changer to pallet 2.
M59        Turns chip conveyor forward mode on.
M60        Turns chip conveyor reverse mode on.
M61        Stops the chip conveyor.
M62        Disables auxiliary output 1.
M63        Disables auxiliary output 2.
M64        Disables auxiliary output 3.
M65        Disables auxiliary output 4.
M68        Enables washdown coolant system.
M69        Disables washdown coolant system.
M76        Normal A Axis operation (default).
M77        Reverses A Axis operation.
M78        Normal B Axis operation (default).
M79        Reverses B Axis operation.
M80        C Axis is right-handed (default).
M81        C Axis is left-handed.
M90        Z Axis Retract Enable
M91        Z Axis Retract Disable
M98        Subprogram call.
M99        Jump; Return from subprogram.
M126      Shortest Rotary Angle Path Traverse
M127      Cancels Shortest Rotary Angle Path Traverse (M126)
M128      Tool Center Point Management
M129      Cancels Tool Center Point Management (M128)
M140      Retract Along Tool Vector
M142      Enable Auxiliary Output 5
M143      Enable Auxiliary Output 6
M144      Enable Auxiliary Output 7
M145      Enable Auxiliary Output 8
M146      Enable Auxiliary Output 9
M147      Enable Auxiliary Output 10
M148      Enable Auxiliary Output 11
M149      Enable Auxiliary Output 12
M152      Disable Auxiliary Output 5
M153      Disable Auxiliary Output 6
M154      Disable Auxiliary Output 7
M155      Disable Auxiliary Output 8
M156      Disable Auxiliary Output 9
M157      Disable Auxiliary Output 10
M158      Disable Auxiliary Output 11
M159      Disable Auxiliary Output 12
M200      Tilt Axis Preference