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Haas M88 Through-Spindle Coolant On

The M88 code is used to turn on the through-spindle coolant (TSC) option, an M89 turns the coolant off.
Proper tooling, with a through-hole, must be in place before using the TSC system. Failure to use proper tooling will flood the spindle head with coolant and void the warranty. Running an M04 (Spindle Reverse) command with TSC on is not recommended.

Haas cnc through-spindle coolant system (TSC)

Program Example

Note: The M88 command should be before the spindle speed command.

T1 M6; (TSC Coolant Through Drill)
G90 G54 G00 X0 Y0;
G43 H06 Z.5;
M88; (Turn TSC on)
S4400 M3;
G81 Z-2.25 F44. R.03;
M89 G80; (Turn TSC off)
G91 G28 Z0;

Haas through-spindle coolant system (TSC)

Related Haas Settings

Haas Setting 32 Coolant Override
This setting controls how the coolant pump operates. The “Normal” selection allows the operator to turn the pump on and off manually or with M-codes. The “Off” selection will generate an alarm if an attempt is made to turn the coolant on manually or from a program. The “Ignore” selection will ignore all programmed coolant commands, but the pump can be turned on manually. (Haas Setting 32)