G81 C-axis

Live Tooling Lathe Programming

This is a live tooling lathe programming example which shows the use of driven tool (live tooling) and spindle orientation on Haas cnc lathe machine.

For a brief introduction of live tooling and related M-Codes on Haas cnc lathe machine read

Live Tooling Program Example Code

N10 T101
N15 G54
N20 G00 X3.0 Z0.1
N25 G98
N30 M154 (C-Axis engage)
N35 C0.0
N40 M133 P2000 (Live Tooling Drive Forward)
N45 G81 Z-0.5 F40.0
N50 C120.0
N55 C240.0
N60 G00 G80 Z0.1
N65 M155 (C-Axis Disengage)
N70 M135 (Live tool drive)

CNC Program Code Explanation

N30 C-Axis Engage.
N65 M155 C-Axis Disengage.
These codes engage and turn on and off the C-axis motor.
The C-axis provides high-precision bi-directional spindle motion that is fully interpolated with X and/or Z motion.
N35 C0.0
N50 C120
N55 C240

C-Axis commands turns main spindle 0,120,240 degrees.


N70 M135 Live Tool Drive Stop