Haas ST-10Y CNC Turning Center with Y-Axis and a Small-Footprint

Your cnc machine workshop mostly machine small and innovative parts, then why use behemoth cnc machines?. For small parts use small cnc machines, because using a small cnc will surely reduce tool turret’s extra travels and you will get an enormous gain in components production by reducing cycle time.

Here fits the Haas ST-10Y a cnc turning center.

Features of Haas ST-10Y

Haas ST-10Y CNC Turning Center with Y-Axis

Haas ST-10Y CNC Turning Center with Y-Axis

  • Haas ST-10Y comes with Y-axis for off-center milling, drilling, and tapping.
  • 4″ of Y-axis travel (±2″ from the centerline).
  • High-torque live tooling.
  • Servo-driven C axis.

The above features make Haas ST-10Y to turn and mill complex parts and perform multiple operations on one machine.

So Haas ST-10Y  will

  • Increase throughput.
  • Reduce handling.
  • Improves accuracy.

ST-10Y Specifications

  • Maximum cutting capacity of 9″ x 14″.
  • Swing over cross slide 16.25″.
  • 6.5″ hydraulic 3-jaw chuck.
  • 12-station VDI turret.
  • ST-10Y’s A2-5 spindle nose has a 2.31″ spindle bore and a bar capacity of 1.75″.
  • 15 hp vector dual-drive spindle turns to 6000 rpm.
  • Rapids are 945 ipm on the X axis, 1200 ipm on the Z axis, and 500 ipm on the Y axis.
  • 15″ color LCD monitor.
  • USB port.

Available high-productivity options include a belt-type chip conveyor, a manual tailstock with hydraulic quill, an automatic tool probe, an automatic parts catcher, high-pressure coolant systems, and much more.