Haas CNC Lathe G10 Programmable Offset Setting G-Code

Normally cnc machinists manually enter/set the tool offsets through cnc machine control panel.

But if you want to set tool-offset and work-offset through program you can use Haas CNC G10 Programmable Offset Setting G-Code.

It is convenient to have tool and work offset inside program, so if any other cnc machinists change tool offset for their use you don’t have to worry, as G10 Set Offset code will overwrite the old values with your programmed offset values.

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Haas CNC Lathe

Haas CNC Lathe

Haas CNC Lathe G10 Programmable Offset Setting

G10 allows the programmer to set offsets within the program. Using G10 replaces the manual entry of offsets
(i.e. Tool length and diameter, and work coordinate offsets).

Haas CNC Lathe Programming of G10 Set Offsets

G10 L P Q R

L – Selects offset category.

  • L2 Work coordinate origin for COMMON and G54-G59
  • L10 Geometry or shift offset
  • L1 or L11 Tool wear
  • L20 Auxiliary work coordinate origin for G110-G129

P – Selects a specific offset.

  • P1-P50 References geometry, wear or work offsets (L10-L11)
  • P51-P100 References shift offsets (YASNAC) (L10-L11)
  • P0 References COMMON work coordinate offset (L2)
  • P1-P6 G54-G59 references work coordinates (L2)
  • P1-P20 G110-G129 references auxiliary coordinates (L20)
  • P1-P99 G154 P1-P99 reference auxiliary coordinate (L20)

Q – Imaginary tool nose tip direction
R – Tool nose radius
U – Incremental amount to be added to X-axis offset
W – Incremental amount to be added to Z-axis offset
X – X-axis offset
Z – Z-axis offset

Programming Examples of Haas CNC G10 Set Offsets

G10 L2 P1 W6.0

Move coordinate G54 6.0 units to the right

G10 L20 P2 X-10.Z-8.

Set work coordinate G111 to X-10.0, Z-8.0

G10 L10 P5 Z5.00

Set geometry offset of Tool #5 to 5.00

G10 L11 P5 R.0625

Set offset of Tool #5 to 1/16”