M19 Spindle Orientation – M119 Sub Spindle Orientation

M19 Spindle Orientation

M19 Spindle orientation. M19 M-code stops the spindle in a defined angle position.

Usage of Spindle Orientation

The spindle orientation is normally used for milling operation (Live tooling) on a cnc lathe machine.

Main spindle and sub spindle can be oriented to transfer irregular workpieces.

M19 Spindle Orientation

M19 Spindle Orientation

M19 Spindle Orientation on Fanuc

The stopping angle is programmed through the optional address S (Fanuc).

N22 ……
N23 M19 S45
N24 ……

M19 Spindle Orientation on Haas CNC

M19 adjusts the spindle to a fixed position. The spindle will only orient to the zero position without the optional M19 spindle orient feature.
The optional Orient Spindle function allows P and R address codes. For example,

M19 P270

will orient the spindle to 270 degrees.
The R-value allows the programmer to specify up to four decimal places; for example,

M19 R123.4567

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M119 Sub Spindle Orientation

The sub-spindle can be oriented to fixed position with an M119. A “P” or “R” value can be added that will cause it to orient to a particular angle (in degrees). A combination of M19 Pxx or M119 Pxx can be used to transfer irregular workpieces.