Deep Hole Tapping with Chipbreaking or Peck Tapping on Haas CNC

Haas CNC machining centers allows to repeat rigid tapping operation with accuracy.

So the standard G84 tapping cycle can be used for repeat tapping the same hole or multiple holes.

This way G84 tapping cycle can be repeated for the same hole with successive increasing depth, just like peck drilling.

This makes deep hole tapping easy for the cnc machinists, as this technique increases tap life, helps in chip breaking.

Deep Hole Tapping

Deep Hole Tapping

G84 Deep Hole Tapping with Peck

G00 X0.5 Y-0.5
G43 H04 Z0.1
S650 (G84 Turns on spindle)
G84 G99 Z-0.375 R0.1 F32.5 (Hole 1)
G84 Z-0.75
G84 X1.5 Y-1.5 Z-0.375 (Hole 2)
G84 Z-0.75

In the above cnc program code you’re able to peck tap a hole by using multiple G84 commands at the same location.
The first depth is at Z-0.375; the next is at Z-0.75 to the final depth.
Then move to the next location and repeat the sequence for each hole.