Fanuc G74 Left-hand Peck Tapping Cycle – CNC Mill

Fanuc G74 Left-hand Peck Tapping Cycle

Fanuc G74 is used for left-hand tapping on cnc mill. Tapping with Fanuc G74 tapping cycle is performed by rotating the spindle counter-clockwise.
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G74 Left-hand Tapping Cycle

Fanuc cnc controls gives the cnc machinists the ability to do left-hand tapping with added benefit of Peck Tapping.
Tapping a deep hole may be difficult due to chips sticking to the tool (tap) or increased cutting resistance,
So Fanuc G74 peck tapping cycle makes this whole process easier for cnc machinists.


G74 X Y Z R Q F


X  YHole position data
ZZ-depth (feed to Z-depth starting from R plane)
RPosition of the R plane
QDepth of cut for each cutting feed (Peck depth).
FCutting feedrate

G74 Left-hand Tapping Cycle can create a peck at a value of Q?
if programmed with either
a short chip break retraction or
a full retraction
as set in parameter 5200 #5 (1 = full retract).
At Z finish position the tool retracts at twice speed/feed automatically.


G74 G99 X10. Y10. Z-25. R2. Q5. F1.25 M4
G0 G90 G80 Z100