Fanuc G21 Measuring in Millimeter with CNC Lathe Programming Example

Fanuc G21 Measuring in Millimeter or Programming in Millimeter. CNC gives us the flexibility to program in metric system or in inches system.

Fanuc G21 G-code changes cnc to metric system.

So here is another cnc programming example, for beginner level cnc programmers. This cnc programming example uses Fanuc G21 G-code.

Fanuc G21 Programming Example

Fanuc G21 Programming Example

N1 T0505
N2 G92 S1500 M03
N3 G21 G96 S150
N4 G00 X0 Z5
N5 G42 G01 Z0 G95 F0.3
N6 G01 X23.293
N7 G01 X40 Z-30
N8 G01 X58.146 Z-42
N9 G01 X70
N10 G40 G00 X100 Z100 G97 S500