CNC Lathe Programming Example

A simple cnc lathe programming example. This cnc programming example will show how to program contours like chamfer taper grooves and arc.

This cnc program will use two tools for machining. The first tool used in this cnc programming example is a turning tool and the second one is a grooving tool.

CNC Machining

The turning tool will first face the component then it will make a chamfer, after that there is straight turning and then there is arc machining the arc may be machined with R (Radius of arc) or arc can be machined with I and K values of the arc, at the top of arc there is a chamfer, then again straight turning, now there comes the groove but we can’t make grooves with turning tools because of their shape so we will machine the groove with our next tool which is solely made for grooving operations, but at the time we are machining with turning tool so we will just skip this groove and will just machine in straight line, after that there is a taper and again a straight line to be machined.

Now with our grooving tool the groove machining task is just easy.

if the grooving insert is of the same size as the dimension of the groove then grooving is even more easy, we will make the groove in one go, but if the grooving insert is of smaller width than we have to take depth more than one time.

CNC Program

cnc lathe program example

cnc lathe program example

N1 T01 D01 M491
N2 G00 X0 Z1
N3 G01 G96 G41 Z0 F2 S140
N4 G01 X2 CHF=0.125 F0.2
N5 G01 Z-1.125
N6 G02 X3.5 Z-1.875 CR=0.75
N7 G01 X3.75 CHF=0.125
N8 G01 Z-3.575
N9 G01 X5 Z-3.875
N10 G01 Z-4.6
N11 G00 X20 Z20 G40
N12 T02 D02 M491
N13 G00 G97 S500 X4 Z-2.825
N14 G01 X3.85 F1
N15 G01 X3.35 F0.15
N16 G01 X3.85 F0.5
N17 G00 X4
N18 G00 X20 Z20
N19 M30