CNC G01 Angle Programming

CNC G01 A… Angle Programming

When using G1 (G01) G-code instructions as well as the end of movement co-ordinates X and/or Z, besides radii (G01 R…) or

chamfers (G01 C…) on final points, the programmer can indicate the movement angle (G01 A…).

For a brief description of how Chamfer and Corner Radius are programmed with G01 G code read following cnc programming article
Chamfer and Radius Programming with G01 G code.

G01 Angle Programming

When programming the angle, value A can be positive or negative in a range from 0° to 360°.

To define the angle value, see the figure imagining to position the “cross” with the centre on the first
point of the straight line. The angle of the line is determined by imagining to turn the cross zero (axis Z) in
the positive or negative direction to meet the straight line.