Siemens Sinumerik ANG= Angle Command

Sinumerik ANG=

If the end points for the contour are not directly specified in the machining drawing, it is also possible to use an angle specification ANG=… to determine the straight line.

ANG= can be used in G17 G18 G19 planes.

Positive angles are aligned counterclockwise.

ANG= Example

Siemens Sinumerik ANG= Angle Command

N10 G18 G90 G96 F0.8
N20 S500 M3
N30 T1 D1
N40 G0 X140 Z160
N50 G1 X20 Z100 F0.6
N60 Z90
N70 Z70 ANG=150
N80 Z50 ANG=135
N90 Z50 X100
N100 G0 X200 Z200
N110 M30