Sinumerik MSG Command to Display Messages to CNC Operator

Using Siemens Sinumerik MSG() statement, any character string from the part program can be output as message to the operator.

These messages can be of any kind from informational to real-time critical data display messages.

Example cnc programs with Sinumerik MSG statement

Sinumerik MSG Command

Sinumerik MSG Command

Display Message Using Sinumerik MSG

Any string can be displayed use MSG statement. This example shows the MSG use at program start

MSG ("First line of program")

Remove Message Using Sinumerik MSG

The actual message can be deleted by programming MSG() without message text.
If not deleted, the display remains until the next message is present.
Or messages automatically got removed when program ends.

Variable Display with Sinumerik MSG

By using the link operator “<<“, variables can also be output in the message text.

MSG("Position:" << $AA_IM[X])

another example

N20 MSG ("X-position" << $AA_IW[X] << "Check!")

Display R Parameter with MSG

N10 R12=$AA_IW [X] ; Current position of the X axis in R12.
N20 MSG("Check position of X axis" << R12)
N90 MSG()

 When to Use Sinumerik MSG

Normally messages are used to display some kind of useful information to cnc operator, So sometimes M00 Program Stop command is used in the next line, so that cnc operator really know what is going to happen and if ready he has to push Cycle-Start button again from Operator-Panel to continue program execution.

N3000 MSG ("Starting Tapping Operation")
N3010 M00
N3020 MSG()

MSG messages can be used just to keep cnc operator informed of current operation

N87 MSG ("tapping")
N88 CYCLE... ; Tapping cycle.
N898 MSG()