L930 Milling Circular Pocket – Sinumerik 840 840C Programming

Want to mill a Circular pocket on a machine with Siemens Sinumerik 840 / 840C cnc control.
Then L930 Milling Circular Pocket is here, no doubt easy to program.

For program examaple code read Program Example L930 Milling Circular Pocket Sinumerik 840C

Sinumerik 840C

Sinumerik 840C

L930 Milling Circular Pocket Overview

Some main requirements for circular pocket with L930 cycle are
R01 infeed depth of each cut (you can specify the feed for depth with R16).
Total pocket depth with R03.
Position of circular pocket with R22 and R23.
Feed for the milling cutter while milling the pocket R15.
Milling direction as G02/G03 up-cut or down-cut with R06 such as R06= 02 , R06 = 03
Most important the circular pocket Radius with R24

L930 Milling Circular Pocket R parameters

R01 – Infeed depth without sign (incremental)
R02 – Reference plane (absolute)
R03 – Pocket depth (absolute)
R06 – Milling direction G02/G03 (up-cut or down-cut milling)
R15 – Feedrate (pocket surface)
R16 – Feedrate (pocket depth)
R22 – Centre point of circular pocket (horizontal) (absolute)
R23 – Centre point of circular pocket (vertical) (absolute)
R24 – Pocket radius

R01 – Infeed depth (incremental)
This is the infeed depth of cut toward the bottom every time the milling cutter will take with feed (R16) and will complete the pocket.
If you want to complete the pocket in one go then put R01 = 0

In L930 Circular Pocket Cycle, the cutter radius compensation is deselected (G40). The milling cutter radius is
automatically taken into account and this must be stored in the tool offset memory.

If the miller radius is equal to or greater than the pocket radius, error message 4102 is output (cutter radius too great).