Selca G79 Circular pocket milling (roughing & finish cycle) / Last point of polygonal pocket

G79 Last point of polygonal pocket

Selca G79 Last point of a polygonal pocket with finish pass


G79 X... Y...

G79 Circular pocket milling

G79 Circular pocket milling (roughing & finish cycle)


G79 X... Y... K... [Q...] [I...] [J...] [D0=...][D1=...] [D2=...] [D3=...] [D4=...] [D5=...] [D6=...] [D7=...] [D9=...]


X,Ypocket center coordinates.
Kpocket diameter (negative = clockwise cutting).
Qinternal diameter.
Istock allowance (default value I=0).
Jdistance between passes in tool radius units (default value J=1.6).
D0machining mode selection:
D0=0 concentric cuts and Z – increment only (default).
D0=1 spiral path cuts and Z – increment only.
D0=2 spiral path cuts and X, Y, Z – increment.
D1=pocket starting depth.
D2=pass depth.
D3=pocket bottom depth.
D4=clearance distance (default value D4=2 mm).
D5=radius value for tool automatic approach and exit during the finish pass (default value D5=I)..
D6=wall taper rate (default value D6=0- vertical wall).
D7=percentage of feed rate variation during depth increment (default value D7=1).
D9=clearance value from pocket walls during tool repositioning at end of cycle (D9=0.5mm by default).