Selca G883 Digitizing cycle

Selca G883 Digitizing cycle


G883 I... J... K... Q... [D0=...] [D1=...] [AXES] LNAME:


Ichordal error – maximum allowable error between the theoretic curve and the segmented line linking the stored points (I = 0.02 by default).
Jmaximum chord length (J = 1 by default).
Kpoint storing format:
K0 ASCII format (default).
K1 S3000 binary format (only for S3000 Series CNCs).
K2 S1200 binary format (only for S3000 Series CNCs).
Qminimum chord length (Q=0.4).
D0=0enables continuous point storing in manual copying mode (default value).
D0=1enables point storing under operator’s control in manual copying mode.
D1=0digitizing with probe deflection compensation (default value).
D1=1digitizing without probe deflection compensation.
D1=2digitizing and direction cosine storing with probe deflection compensation. Example: X…Y…Z…I…J…K…
D1=3digitizing and direction cosine storing without probe deflection compensation. Example: X…Y…Z…I…J…K…
AXESname of the axes (maximum 4) to be stored. If omitted, the system storesXYZ:
XY: only X Y are stored.
XYZC: X Y ZCare stored.
NAMEname of the program where the digitized data are stored.

For the S3000 Series:
8 characters maximum, the first of which alphanumeric, followed by a colon “:”. To store into a peripheral unit the character “D” must be added after the character “:”.
Example LNAME:D
To store on hard disk: LG:NAME;
To store on floppy disks: LA:\NAME;
To store on network units: LH:NAME;

For the S4000 Series:
To store in the directory where the copying program is, program:
To store in another directory, program: L\DIR\NOME;

Enabled: until a G882 with different parameters is programmed.