Selca G889 Copying probe data

Selca G889 Copying probe data


G889 I... J... K... Q... [X...] [Y...] [Z...] [D0=] [D1=1]


Inominal deflexion on the plane.
Jprobe tracer point radius.
Kprobe orientation (in G17):
K1 parallel to X in theX+direction.
K2 parallel to X in the X- direction.
K3 parallel to Y in theY+direction.
K4 parallel to Y in the Y- direction.
K5 parallel to Z in theZ+direction.
K6 parallel to Z in the Z- direction.
The 1,2,3,4,5, 6 codes can be prefixed by additional 1,2,3,.. Codes; for example K14, K24, K34, etc. This way 24 codes are obtained, allowing to rotated the probe from its current position to any other position. (see par. 4.2 of the Digitzing and Copying Manual).
QQ0 with qualification cycle.
Q1 without qualification cycle.
Q.. descent depth of the probe on the qualification cube through G877 J7.
X,Y,Zdefinition of a plane parallel to the copying limit plane: Z… For limits on XY, Y… for limits on XZ, X… for limits on YZ. This plane shall be always programmed.
D0coefficient of friction.
D1=1enables the special parameters for direct copying.

Enabled: until a G889 with different parameters is programmed.