Selca G881 Copying cycle start

Selca G881 Copying cycle start


G881 X... Y... I... K... Q... F...


X or Y or Zcoordinates of a point (not reached by the probe) providing the approach direction to the model starting from the current probe position.
Ipass increment, positive or negative. For radial copying (mode 8) the increment is defined in degrees.
Kcopying direction after contacting the model:
K1 probe to the left of the model.
K2 probe to the right of the model.
Left or right position is defined with model profile referred to a cartesian axis system in which the abscissa and the ordinate are respectively:
XY for the XY-copying plane (K0 in G877).
ZX for the ZX-copying plane (K1 in G877).
YZ for the ZX-copying plane (K1 in G877).
Qpercentage of copying speed variation during pass increment:
Q1: increment speed=copying speed.
Q0.5: increment speed = 1/2 copying speed (Q=0.25 by default).
FCopying speed. The speed in the first two profile learning passes (if the G888 code is programmed) is equal to the F defined by the G888.

Enabled: until completion of the copying cycle.