Selca G81 Drilling /spot facing fixed cycle

Selca G81 Drilling /spot facing fixed cycle


G81 [X... Y...] Z... [I...] J... [Q...] [K...] [F...] [D8=...] [D9=1] [D10=...] [D11=...] [D13=...]

Selca G81 Drilling spot facing fixed cycle


X,Yhole coordinates.
Zhole bottom plane.
Idepth increment prior to dwell for chip breakage.
Jhole starting plane.
QZ axis clearance plane.
Kdwell time for chip breakage (in tenths of a second, in alternative to D10).
Ffeed rate.
D8=scaling factor for rapid positioning feed (value include between 0 and 1;D8=1 by default). (Only for S4000 CNCs).
D9=1never mind where the machine is, the cycle is execute in XY position, without to programming XY (D9=0 by default).
D10=rapid detachment value after each performed increase (default D10=0; in alternative to ).
D11=increasing value of the lead-in at feed F*D13 (default D11=0).
D13=multiplying factor of F for the section defined by D11 (default D13=0.7).

Enabled: until a new fixed cycle or a G80 is programmed.