Siemens Sinumerik 808D Milling G Codes – ISO Dialect Programming

Complete list of Siemens Sinumerik 808D G Codes for CNC Machinists/CNC Programmers who work in ISO dialect mode.

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Siemens Sinumerik 808D Milling

Siemens Sinumerik 808D Milling

Siemens Sinumerik 808D G Codes (ISO dialect mode)

G codeDescription
G00Rapid traverse
G01Linear movement
G02Circle/helix in clockwise direction
G03Circle/helix in the counterclockwise direction
G04Dwell time in [s] or spindle revolutions
G05High-speed cycle cutting
G05.1High-speed cycle -> Call CYCLE305
G08Pre-control ON/OFFG15 Polar coordinates off
G09Exact stop
G10Write work offset/tool offset
G10.6Retraction from contour (POLF)
G11End parameter entry
G16Polar coordinates on
G17XY plane
G18ZX plane
G19YZ plane
G20Inch input system
G21Metric input system
G27Checking the reference position
G281. Approaching a reference point
G302./3./4. Approaching a reference point
G30.1Reference point position
G31Measuring with “delete distance-to-go”
G40Deselection of cutter radius compensation
G41Compensation left of contour
G42Compensation to right of contour
G43Positive tool length compensation on
G44Negative tool length compensation on
G49Tool length compensation off
G50Scaling off
G51Scaling on
G50.1Mirroring on programmed axis OFF
G51.1Mirroring on programmed axis ON
G52programmable work offset
G53Approach position in machine coordinate system
G54 P0external work offset
G54Selecting work offset
G55Selecting work offset
G56Selecting work offset
G57Selecting work offset
G58Selecting work offset
G59Selecting work offset
G60directed positioning
G61Exact stop modal
G63Tapping mode
G64Continuous-path modeG66 Macro module call
G65Macro call
G67Delete macro module call
G68Rotation ON, 2D/3D
G69Rotation OFF
G72.1Contour repetition with rotation
G72.2Linear contour repetition
G73High-speed deep hole drilling cycle with chip breakage
G74Left tapping cycle
G76Fine drill cycle
G80Cycle off
G81Drilling cycle counterboring
G82Countersink drilling cycle
G83Deep hole drilling cycle with chip removal
G84Right tapping cycle
G85Boring cycle, retraction with G01 after reaching the end in axis Z, without spindle stop
G86Boring cycle, spindle stops and then retraction with G00 after reaching the end in axis Z
G87Reverse countersinking
G89Boring cycle, stay for a while and then retraction with G01, without spindle rotation direction change
G90Absolute programming
G91Incremental programming
G92Setting actual value
G92.1Delete actual value, reset the WKS
G93inverse-time feedrate (1/min)
G94Feedrate in [mm/min, inch/min]
G95Revolutional feedrate in [mm/rev, inch/rev]
G96constant cutting rate on
G97constant cutting rate off
G98Return to starting point in fixed cycles
G99Return to point R in fixed cycles
G290Selection of Siemens mode
G291Selection of ISO dialect mode