Milltronics Error Messages – Centurion 7

Milltronics Centurion 7 Error Messages complete list for cnc machinists programmers who work on Milltronics cnc machines

Milltronics Centurion 7 CNC


Milltronics Error Messages

001 Invalid function number

Note what just occurred and call for technical support. A call was made to a non-existent DOS function.

002 File not found

File name specified as OLD does not exist. Try MENU.

003 Path not found

The drive or subdirectory specified does not exist.

004 Too many open files

Check Config.sys for FILES=20.

005 File access denied

The file may be read only or is on a write-protected disk.

006 Invalid file handle

007 Memory control blocks destroyed

008 Insufficient memory

The program being loaded is too large to fit into memory. A program being run or verified is too large to run in the control’s memory. Try DNC mode.

009 Invalid memory block address

010 Invalid environment

011 Invalid format

012 Invalid file access code

013 Invalid data

015 Invalid drive specified

Drive specified does not exist.

016 Cannot remove current directory

Note what just occurred and call for technical support.

017 Cannot rename across drives

018 No more files

100 Disk read error

An attempt was made to edit a file that has been corrupted in some way, perhaps loss of power while editing, or an error 101 occurred while editing. Try a different file to see if the problem is specific to one particular file. If this is the case, the program must be recreated.
Note: This error occurs when trying to edit conversational files that were created with SLS software.

101 Disk write error – Parts memory is full

To avoid this error, remove programs from memory when you are done using them (store on a floppy). Also, watch the amount of memory available as you are programming. Deleting some programs from the parts memory will free up space for additional programs.
Procedure to recover from ERROR 101
(Disk write error: Parts memory full)
Type in commands that are shown in CAPITAL letters, followed by the ENT key.
1) ENTER (C:/RAM should be displayed)
2) CD.. (change directory)
3) CD PARTS (change to the parts directory)
4) DIR (list PART files)
5) DEL O####(#### is your part number)
NOTE: You can recreate your O#### file from your conversational (P####) file by reposting it.<
6) Power the machine OFF, then ON again, to RESET the control. Use UTIL-FILES-ERASE to erase programs that are no longer needed.
NOTE: You can check how much parts memory is available by using UTIL-INFO to look at the information page.

102 File not assigned

103 File not open

104 File not open for input

105 File not open for output

106 Invalid numeric format

150 Disk is write-protected

Check the write protect tab on the floppy disk that is being used.

151 Unknown unit

152 Drive not ready

Check to see that there is a disk in the floppy drive.

153 Unknown command

154 CRC error in data The disk being read is corrupted.

155 Bad drive request structure length

156 Disk seek error

Check the cabling from the control to the floppy drive.

157 Unknown media type

158 Sector not found

159 Printer out of paper

160 Device write fault

161 Device read fault

162 Hardware failure

Improper format on the floppy disk. Try another disk or try reformatting the same disk. Verify that floppy cables are properly connected.

163 Sharing Violation

200 Division by zero

201 Range check error

202 Stack overflow

203 Heap overflow – Insufficient RAM memory

Run the DOS command CHKDSK to determine the amount of RAM that is available on the system. If possible, unload unnecessary device drivers that are loaded on the PC before starting the CNC.
Steps to take to avoid ERROR 203
(Heap overflow: Insufficient RAM memory)
If text cycles or canned cycles are being loaded and not being used, turn them off. See PARMS-SETUP-MISC.
1) (F7) PARMS
2) (F9) CTRL
3) Move cursor to Load Text Cycles
4) Toggle to “No”
5) (ESC)
6) (ESC) to the main menu.
7) Power the machine OFF, then ON, again.
If you are running a large program, try running it through the RS-232 RUN mode.

204 Invalid pointer operation

205 Floating point overflow

206 Floating point underflow

207 Invalid floating point operation

208 TP Overlay Error

209 TP Overlay Error

210 TP Object Error

211 TP Object Error

212 TP Object Error

213 TP Object Error

214 TP Object Error

300 Program already exists

An attempt was made to use a program name already in use. Use a different name.

301 Invalid program number

Valid program numbers are 1 through 9999.
* Simulator program numbers are 1 through 15.

302 No programs to select from

This error may occur anytime a menu is being created for file selection when there are no files. There may be an unformatted disk in the floppy drive. Parts memory may be empty.

303 Problem saving program(s) to disk

There is no floppy disk in the disk drive. The floppy disk may not have room to store additional files. There may be an unformatted disk in the drive.

304 Problem loading program(s) from disk

Disk was removed from floppy drive after setting files.

305 Not formatted for conversational. Try text editor.

306 Conversational system has been corrupted

307 Illegal event number

Event number in conversational program is negative.

308 Invalid tool number

Tool number is less than zero or greater than 99.

309 Can’t copy or rename a file to itself

Try using a different file name.

310 File not formatted for conversational or parameters

Problem receiving a file via RS-232. Check to see if the proper file was sent.

311 Parameter file not valid

Problem receiving parameter file via RS-232. Check to see if the parameters were sent.

312 Insufficient parts storage

Parts memory is full. Try erasing some programs from the parts directory (UTILS-FILES-ERASE).
Program on floppy disk may be too large to fit into the control’s memory.

313 Insufficient storage for compression, unable to post the file

Erase some programs from the parts memory.

314 Insufficient storage, post has been aborted

Erase some programs from the parts memory.

315 Out of storage space on the floppy

Floppy disk is full or has too many programs. There is a limit of 224 files that can be stored in the root directory on a floppy disk. A sub-directory can be created on the floppy disk and the floppy path changed to save files to the sub-directory. This allows full use of the disk space.

316 Not enough storage to create a new file

There is not enough parts space to create a new conversational program. Erase unnecessary programs to free up parts space.

317 Simulator allows only 15 events

319 Send file aborted

320 Invalid PLC program.

One of the ACRO.HEX (or NCB.HEX) files in the RAM directory is corrupt.

321 Error in program O.

A custom MCODE or customer GCODE has an error.

322 or custom G code program not found.

323 or custom M code program not found.

324 Invalid path or program not found for M6 tool change macro.

The tool change macro may have an error in it.

400 Home required

The machine must be homed before any axis movement can take place on the machine, i.e. MDI, JOG, HDW, etc.

401 X axis software limit overtravel

403 Z axis software limit overtravel

404 A axis software limit overtravel

405 B axis software limit overtravel

406 C axis software limit overtravel

These errors are a result of the axis reaching the programmed limits of travel.
When jogging or handwheeling and an axis limit is reached, the control will only allow movement in one direction.
In a program the error may be encountered. The G92 and/or G54 parameters may need to be modified.
Tool length offsets are also a potential cause of Z axis overtravel.

407 X axis excess error condition

408 Y axis excess error condition

409 Z axis excess error condition

410 A axis excess error condition

411 B axis excess error condition

412 C axis excess error condition

These errors are caused by the axis not being able to keep up with the programmed move at the programmed speed.
Does the error occur during rapid moves only? Y__ N__
If so, check bus voltage and rapid feed parameters.
Do any of the drive cards have red LED’s lit? Y__ N__
If so, which light on which card? VOL, GF, RMS, or SG
Other causes might be too heavy of a cut, worn tool, low ∀15 volts, accel/decel parameters, or drive card failure.

413 Attempted to move into safe zone

415 Can’t establish DNC link while program is running

The program being run must be halted before the DNC link can be established.

416 Out of position, arc end point is not on the arc

417 Can’t edit parameters while program is running

The program must be halted before editing parameters.
Is the program in block mode or feedhold?

418 Controller Card Error

448 Air Pressure Error. Check air hose connection

449 ERROR 449: Emergency stop: Axis drive fault. Reset servo drives or power down.

450 ERROR 450: Emergency stop condition. Reset drives or press to clear this message.

451 Lube fault, Check Waylube Level

The float switch on the autolube pump is indicating that oil needs to be added to the autolube tank.

452 Tool not found in auto tool sequence

Check UTIL-TLCHG-SLOTS for that tool number.

453 Tool pot not up during turret movement

Check to see if the POT UP switch is functioning as it should be.

454 Not at tool change position

Try commanding a G32 before the M6 command.

455 ATC arm is not out, axis movement not allowed

456 Can’t process auto tool change after switching to manual

457 Move length too great for control (split into smaller moves)

458 X axis is in the manual mode. Push reset to enable it

459 Y axis is in the manual mode. Push reset to enable it

460 Feedrate too large for control.

500 Last softkey pressed is not supported at this time

501 Illegal address “#” encountered

The character within quotes ” ” is not a valid address, such as X, Y, Z, R, G, etc. The block where the error occurred is shown in the block display. Check that block for the invalid address.

502 Undefined canned cycle

503 Return without gosub

Refer to page 328, Section 5 about gosub and return.

504 Coincident points, the start point and end point are the same on an arc without a center

The start point and end point are the same on an arc without a center.

505 Radius too small to span given points

Start and end points are more than “R” distance apart.

507 After compensation, line to arc lacks intersection

509 After compensation, arcs lack intersection

515 Unexpected file size The control read a file that was not the correct size.

517 Parameter out of range

Parameter number is less than zero. For parameter numbers greater than 699 you must use data mode (G10, G11).

518 Illegal program statement

Command in program statement is not considered valid.

519 Feedrate out of range

The programmed feedrate is beyond the “maximum feedrate” parameter value in the machine setup parameters. The program feedrate may be negative.

520 Spindle speed out of range

The programmed spindle speed is beyond the “spindle range” parameter in the machine setup parameters. The programmed spindle speed may be negative.

521 Negative arc radius

An attempt was made to generate a negative arc radius.

522 Negative polar radius

A polar radius must be specified as a positive value.

523 Illegal tool number

Valid T numbers are 0 – 99.

524 Illegal radius number

Valid D numbers are 0 – 99.

525 Illegal length number

Valid H numbers are 0 – 99.

526 Invalid access code

The access code does not match that which is loaded in the machine setup parameters.

527 Invalid access level

Valid levels are 0 – 4.

529 Duplicate address’ encountered

The same address was found twice on the same block, such as X0 Y0 X.5.

530 Colinear line to line in round corner

531 Colinear line to arc in round corner

532 Colinear arc to line in round corner

533 Colinear arc to arc in round corner

535 Chamfer length is < 0

Chamfer length must be a positive number.

536 Can’t chamfer and round the same corner

Choose either chamfer or round corner.

537 Can’t chamfer to or from arcs

538 Loop counter out of range

The maximum number of loops for a call is 999.

539 Dwell time out of range

Probably a negative number was specified. The maximum dwell time is 999999999 seconds.

540 Illegal dwell time “#” encountered

Try G4 F##.####; specify X, P, or F after G4.

541 No axis moves are allowed on a G31 or G32 block

G31 and G32 are intended to move Z only. Relocate X and Y moves to another block.

542 G30 Illegal return to reference parameter on G30 block

Should be P2, P3, or P4 for second, third, and fourth reference point.

543 Illegal G10 statement

544 Too many digits in number

The number of digits used is beyond what the address is expecting. For example, G100 should only be two digits.

545 Illegal K value for number of holes

K must be a number between 1 and 1000.

546 Nested calls or gosubs too deep

Probably a program is calling itself. Nest limit is 50 for program calls.

547 Comment not closed

Always use “( )” (parentheses) in pairs for program comments.

549 Unrecognized G code

G code encountered is not recognized by the control.

550 Bad numeric format

Expecting a numeric value, or a parameter value enclosed within [ ], after an address X, Y, Z, R, etc.

551 Multiple decimal points

Multiple decimal points were detected within one numeric value.

552 Missing “]”

Always use square brackets in pairs.

553 Missing “[“

Always use square brackets in pairs.

554 Tangent function overflow

Trying to find the tangent of a number close to 90Ε

555 Missing “/”

Arctan “ATAN” syntax is P## = ATAN[#/#].

556 Negative SQRT argument

557 Unknown function

560 Illegal relational operator

567 Unresolved call

Program being called does not exist (Call ####).

568 Unresolved goto or gosub

N#### does not exist in the program (Goto ####).

569 The tool is too large to cut inside the arc “Compensated radius is too small”

Eliminate the arc, or use a smaller tool.

570 The tool is too large to cut inside the arc “1st compensated radius in arc to arc is < 0”

Eliminate the arc, or use a smaller tool.

571 The tool is too large to cut inside the arc “2nd compensated radius in arc to arc is < 0”

Eliminate the arc, or use a smaller tool.

572 Pocket clear is not in a Start/End mill cycle

Use START at the beginning of the mill cycle and END at the end of the mill cycle.

573 Round wall is not in a Start/End mill cycle

Use START at the beginning of the mill cycle and END at the end of the mill cycle.

574 Round wall radius will not span 1st Z depth and final Z depth

575 Tapered wall is not in a Start/End mill cycle

Use START at the beginning of the mill cycle and END at the end of the mill cycle.

576 Z increment is 0

577 Input statements must precede axes moves

578 Undefined text cycle

Character specified in a text command is not supported.
Load Text Cycles parameter may not be set in PARMS-CTRL.

579 Compensated arcs do not intersect

580 Invalid floating point operation. The argument passed to the LN function was zero or negative.

581 Invalid floating point operation. The Operand passed to the “#” function was zero or negative

588 Can’t set tool offsets for tool #0

600 Can’t nest Start/End mill cycles -WHILE WEND loops-

Do not start a mill cycle within a mill cycle.

601 Missing WHILE statement

May be an end mill cycle without a start mill cycle.

602 Missing WEND statement

May be a start mill cycle without an end mill cycle.

603 Program N#### does not exist

Program being called as a subprogram does not exist. Check to see if the program called is in the memory.

605 Can’t modify dry run status while program is running

Program must be halted before changing dry run status.

606 Program N#### is empty

Text program being run or verified is empty. Try editing and reposting the conversational file.

607 Can’t exit DNC run mode while program is running

The DNC mode must be halted before exiting.

608 ‘P’ expected in M98 block

609 G20/21 not allowed in DNC Fast

610 Position move required after this rotation

611 Feed must be specified in every block while inverse time mode is active.

666 Quill movement detected, reposition the quill to it’s original position.

Digitizing Errors

800 Illegal probe block
Syntax error in guidance file. Check the block format. Blocks must start with an X, Y, or Z which is to be followed by one or two P commands.

801 Missing end of pick

Pick boundary is not closed. Input file did not end with a pick boundary definition block.

802 Reversed scan segment

Multiple scan segment started that would cause the scan direction to change in the middle of the current scan.

803 Missing end of scan

Pick segment terminated before the end of scan was defined. There should be at least two scan definition blocks between each pick boundary.

804 Reversed pick segment

Multiple pick segment started that would cause a change in pick direction. Use multiple probe segments if this is the desired intention.

805 Invalid probe setup

Input file does not start with a comment containing three asterisks. Also, the following three blocks should be X, Y, Z, or Y, X, Z depending on scan plane.

806 Scan origin expected

Multiple pick segment started without defining the start of the scans within that segment.

807 Probe file not found

Could not find the selected input file.

808 Setup not selected

Tried to probe without selecting both the input file and the output mode from the probe setup screen.

809 Bad Z limits encountered

The max Z height is less than the max Z depth value.

810 Stuck digitizing probe

Digitizing may have reached max Z height and part contact is still detected. If the probe is not actually touching the part, the probe may require maintenance. If it is touching the part, then the part has to be lowered or the max Z height should be increased.

812 Input out of range

900 RS232 overrun error (The system sending data may not have the same baud rate as the CNC.)

Check RS-232 baud rate parameter in PARMS-CTRL.

901 RS232 parity error (The system sending data may not have the same parity as

the CNC.)
Check RS-232 parity parameter in PARMS-CTRL.

902 RS232 framing error (Remote system and CNC may not have the same line settings or a loose cable.)

Check line settings in PARMS-CTRL for baud rate, parity, and stop bits.

903 RS232 break detected (RS232 cable may be loose.)

Check cabling and connectors for good contact.

950 Obsolete controller software for this system

951 Obsolete acroloop software for this system

952 Obsolete keyboard software for this system

953 Obsolete bit access for ncb controller.

954 Control not detected.

955 Interface not detected.