Osai DIS – Displaying a Variable Command

Osai DIS Command

Osai DIS command allows values to be displayed to the operator. The control will show the value in the screen area that is reserved for communications with the operator.


(DIS,operand [,operand ] [,operand] [,operand] [,operand ])


operandIt can be a number, a variable or an ASCII string. Up to five operands can be displayed. All 5 operands cannot exceed be more than 80 characters long.
If operand is a number it is within the normal range for variables (5.5 format).
If operand is a variable it can be any variable used in assignment blocks.
If operand is an ASCII string, it can be a message for the operator. The message can be up to 80 ASCII characters long. Program the message between quotes (” “) in the DIS command.


(DIS,100)      ;displays the value 100
(DIS,E27)      ;displays E27 current value on the screen
(DIS,MSA)      ;displays current MSA value (machining allowance)
(DIS,"THIS IS AN EXAMPLE") ;displays the following string: THIS IS AN EXAMPLE