General Turning Insert DNMG a CNC Machinist First Choice

Yesterday I posted about General Turning Insert Nomenclature . I have used multiple turning insert in the cnc workshop. With the passage of time in the cnc workshop the turning insert which I used most or you might say that the general turning insert which can be used for most of the lathe machine operations is DNMG Turning Insert.

DNMG Turning Insert comes in multiple standard sizes and different insert cutting nose radius. Some are listed below

General Turning Insert DNMG

General Turning Insert DNMG

  • DNMG 110404
  • DNMG 110408
  • DNMG 110412
  • DNMG 150404
  • DNMG 150408
  • DNMG 150412
  • DNMG 150604
  • DNMG 150608
  • DNMG 150612
  • DNMG 150616

I personally like DNMG 150616, because this insert is solid (6 mm insert height) and is with a bigger radius of 1.6mm.

Another plus point of DNMG type turning insert is its shape it is a D shape turning insert, meaning that it is a perfect choice for grooving and long profile turning.

When we come to grooving there are multiple choices like DCMT turning insert, and VBMM turning insert.

If I compare VBMM 160404 and DNMG 110404. I will prefer DNMG 110404 because of it’s solid shape as long as the insert angle of DNMG which is 55° don’t restrict me.
But sometimes DNMG loses the game against VBMM when the groove is too narrow and deep.