Tool Setup on Machine – Sinumerik 808D Video Tutorial Turning Part 5

This video describes how tools are chosen for different machining operations and Tool setup on CNC lathe machine with Siemens Sinumerik 808D cnc control.

Normally there are many tools available in a workshop, so choosing the right tool for right operation is also a must learn job for a cnc machinist.

Tool Setup on CNC Lathe

Tool Setup on CNC Lathe

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In this video tutorial following tools are used for component machining,
1 – Turning tool with tip radius of 0.8 mm.
2 – Threading tool with tip pitch of 1.25 mm.
3 – Grooving tool with tip radius of 0.1 mm and width of 3.1 mm.

The turning tool is used for facing and contour machining, threading is used for thread cutting, and last Plunge cutting tool is used for grooving operation.
Lastly this video by Siemens also describes the proper way to fasten the tools in the cnc lathe machine tool turret.